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Bamboo MacBook Case

When we first heard “Carmel Bamboo” we thought of some delicious sounding panda dessert.  While this would have been interesting (and misspelled) the reality is much more exciting in this (MacBook) case.  The Carmel Bamboo is being used by Silva Limited to create a lightweight and sustainable MacBook holster ... continue reading
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Ministry of Supply’s Gemini Dress Shirt Never Has to Be Ironed or Dry Cleaned SPONSORED

Most dress shirts are incredibly uncomfortable and require lots of upkeep. Not the case with Ministry of Supply's new Gemini Dress Shirt. Featuring 2-way stretch material design, the shirt is made for your body in motion. And thanks to a custom fabric blend that combines the temperature regulating PCM from their Apollo shirt and some traditionally structured cotton, you won't feel stuffy and sweaty wearing it. It's also incredibly easy to care for—there's no dry cleaning or ironing necessary, and wrinkles come out as you wear it. You can look better, feel better, and ditch the standard dress shirt hassle. ... check it out
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Shinnorie Freelance Laptop Bag

Simple, charming, ample, well padded and pleasure to use are all good qualities to look for in a woman. According to Shinnorie, they're also good for bags. In the case of their Freelance Laptop Bag , we're inclined to agree. Even though it's a picture perfect example of bag minimalism, there are quite a few understated ... continue reading
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Booq Courier M Laptop Messenger Bag

If you’re in the market for a new laptop bag and you’re thinking there’s no real difference between most of your options, take a second/half-hour to read the detailed description from the guys at Booq for their Cobra Courier M.  You can tell they contemplated writing a short book.  However, this isn’t boastful ... continue reading
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Temple 15″ Laptop Sleeve

Since the iPad burst on the scene there has been little talk about our trusty ol’ laptops.  They’ve become like the Scottie Pippen of the gadget world - not the most talked about but still reliable and pretty much necessary.  So, as you dig through piles of iPad cases don’t forget to make sure you’ve got ... continue reading
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Diesel 15″ Neosole Sleeve

You spend $200 on jeans for your lower half and you probably care about that way less than you care about your shiny, new mac laptop. Now you can cover your laptop in the same Diesel denim that you spent a fortune on to cover your ass - because neoprene doesn't look good as pants - or a laptop case.
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Boa Nerve Messenger

Until someone figures out how to make the magical bag of holding a reality (admit it, you know what that is), there will never be a perfect bag for all your gear - but the Boa Nerve Messenger comes pretty damned close. The Nerve was designed with you (businessman or bike messenger) in mind so they made it tough (water ... continue reading
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Kenton Sorenson Leather Laptop Portfolio

Natural materials and classic styles are making a comeback in a big way, so you can forget nylon and neoprene if you want to make an impression. The Kenton Sorenson Leather Laptop Portfolio, made from 5oz vegetable tanned leather promises to develop a handsome patina with age. Designed to accommodate a 15” laptop, ... continue reading
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Moop Messenger in Slate

The Moop Messenger is an everyday bag for every guy. It's large enough to accommodate books for the ambitious student, a 15" laptop space for the motivated professional and even baby stuff for the dad on the go. Whether you're one of those guys or all three (you poor busy bastard), this cool blue slate canvas messenger ... continue reading
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Timbuk2 D-Lux Messenger

Sometimes it seems like for all their knowledge in making great bags, manufacturers miss the features we really want in a laptop messenger. But Timbuk2 doesn't have too much pride to ask their customers for feedback. As a result Timbuk2 D-Lux Messenger improves on a little bit of everything. It has a snazzy racing ... continue reading
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Killspencer Special Ops Backpack

In honor of quality US craftsmanship and vintage military gear, Killspencer designed the Special Ops Backpack with military spec hardware like waterproof zippers, cobra buckles and 4000 lb black webbing. It's made to protect your 15" macbook through any battle or even a crowded subway on your daily commute. The Killspencer ... continue reading
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