Drink, Play, F@#k

A witty and humorous response to Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love, Andrew Gottlieb's Drink, Play F@#k explores one a divorced man's perspective of the usually female anthem of "finding yourself". The story brings the protagonist all over the world to find a good time or at least some good distractions. You'll have ... continue reading
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Jacques Magazine

Today's erotic magazines don't have the class, integrity or real beauties they used to. If you need a break from the bland and shallow mags on the market and yearn for edgy editorials, intimate interviews and real shots of real gorgeous unaltered women then try the new quarterly Jacques Magazine. Intelligent, classy ... continue reading
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Cult of Individuality – Future Vintage Project SPONSORED

You know you're not supposed to toss your raw denim in the wash, but there's that breaking point when you just have to, right? Cult of Individuality wants to entice you to push those limits with the Future Vintage Project. If you can commit to breaking in a pair of raw denim from Cult as often as possible through April 30th without washing them, you could earn a $1,000 credit and your personal style even get produced. Throughout the process, your jeans will develop a signature fade and a unique wear that's totally your own. Document the extended break-in process, and you could score the $1,000 credit. We’re in, are you? ... check it out
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Morning Wood Camo T-Shirts

Now no matter what kind of degenerate freak you are you can blend with a crowd wearing a Morning Wood Camo T-shirt. At first glance the camouflage doesn't raise an eyebrow, but if you look closely at the pattern it may raise... some questions. The pattern is actually made up of naked women silhouettes in 67 different ... continue reading
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Blow Guard

Perhaps the most ingenious invention of our time, Blow Guard, designed by a dentist, meant to keep your tender parts safe from teeth. The best thing about the Blow Guard however is the mini vibrating bullet—there's finally a great toy for guys. So basically it’s a mouth guard with a vibrator… ‘nuff said.
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Pick Up Line Generator

Anyone who says that pick up lines don't work just never found the right ones. With the right line for the right situation, you'll never go wrong. The Pick Up Line Generator helps you find the perfect line for any occasion, whether you want to cut right to the chase, say something unexpected, or find something to get ... continue reading
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Suicide Girls: Beauty Redefined Book

In a sea of boring bubbly blonde pin-ups the Suicide Girls have been bringing something fresh to the porn industry since 2001. Suicide Girls: Beauty Redefined represents the most beautiful shots from over the last 8 years of the hottest freaky chicks the internet has to offer. Get your copy signed from art Director ... continue reading
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Big Book of Breasts

How about it -- a giant book of giant boobs as coffee table reading material. Ah, ain't life sweet? Just don't forget to put this bad boy in its secret spot when mom and dad stop by. Great gift for the single guy. He'll get a big kick out of the Big Book of Breasts.
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Penthouse 40th Anniversary

Now here's a dirty book that deserves to be displayed proudly on the coffee table rather than shoved under a mattress. Enjoy 40 years of Penthouse magazine's titillating tales and provocative photos. Published by Assouline, this collection is a work of Art and a tribute to American sexuality.
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Playboy Personal Wine Collection

Fine wine and vintage pin-up collectors alike will love the classically sensual Playboy Personal Wine Collection. Each girl was chosen specifically to compliment the wine and you can purchase by bottle or subscription. Personally we can't wait to see what exotic vixen will be featured with Month 8's Cirison Boedages ... continue reading
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Zoo York ZY Jenna Jameseon Skate Deck

Here to celebrate 15 years of Zoo York and Jenna Jameson's adult film career is the ZY Jenna Jameseon skate deck. The deck features artwork by The CollaBros of the porn goddess herself rendered photo-realistically in beautiful golden tones. An incredibly sexy collector's item, there will only be 500 units available.
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Burton Love Snowboards

Ever wanted to ride a Playmate? Burton has collaborated with Playboy to create the Burton Love series snowboards. Love 'em or hate 'em they are sure to turn heads on the slopes this year.
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1000 Pin-Up Girls

Relive the 1950’s as you read through the racy illustrations and photos of made up, lingerie-clad women that became known as the “pin-up girls”. Re-familiarize yourself with the flavor of a woman’s curvy body and go back in time to experience what had everybody talking before the era of hard core and graphic ... continue reading
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Playboy – The Celebrities

While Playboy was a major factor in discovering new talent it was also a venue for centerfolds of a number of famous celebrities. Many of these celebrities came from all walks of life and helped sell many, many magazines. For those who have always wanted a collection of "famous" centerfolds, this collected volume ends ... continue reading
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