Kama Sutra: Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition

When we first saw that Penguin was releasing a Deluxe Edition of the Kama Sutra, our first thought was, "We gotta stretch." While most Penguin Classics are put on display at your local Barnes & Noble to be perused by adults and children alike, we're guessing this won't be sitting next to summer reading requirements ... continue reading
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3DD Deluxe: Bigger and Better

Some time ago, photographer Henry Hargreave combined his passions for photography and sweater puppets with the book 3DD. Unsurprisingly, the book sold out faster than iPads on release day. If you happen to be one of those unlucky souls that didn't pick it up the first time around, fret not because it's back and it's ... continue reading
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Cult of Individuality – Future Vintage Project SPONSORED

You know you're not supposed to toss your raw denim in the wash, but there's that breaking point when you just have to, right? Cult of Individuality wants to entice you to push those limits with the Future Vintage Project. If you can commit to breaking in a pair of raw denim from Cult as often as possible through April 30th without washing them, you could earn a $1,000 credit and your personal style even get produced. Throughout the process, your jeans will develop a signature fade and a unique wear that's totally your own. Document the extended break-in process, and you could score the $1,000 credit. We’re in, are you? ... check it out
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Kung Fu Sutra Condom Pack

Anything that involves both kung fu and your junk would normally sound like an awful combination, but if you’re going to be breaking a few bed-boards tonight this pack of Kung Fu Sutra Condoms would be a wise investment.   Each of the eight condom wrappers depicts a karma sutra-esque move being performed by a woman ... continue reading
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Playboy Cover to Cover Portable Hard Drive

Every guy remembers the first time he saw a Playboy.  Whether it was brought into school by an eager classmate or stashed under your older brother’s bed, when you saw it you’re voice dropped an octave and the world looked somehow different afterwards.  Now – deep breath – you can own and easily search through ... continue reading
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Three DD The Book

In the year 2009 we clued you in to the website Three DD. The premise of the site was simple: 3d boobs. After two years of work Henry Hargreaves is finally finished with Three DD The Book. It's got big boobs, small boobs, saucer nipples, pin nipples, body paint, girl-on-girl, and just about everything else you could ... continue reading
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Happy Steak and BJ Day!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! That's right, it's March 14th! We hope that you took real good care of your lady this valentine's day because today is the day she makes it up to you. Steak and BJ day is a romantic celebration geared towards guys that skips all the flowers and gifts and other bs and gets right ... continue reading
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Hugh Hefner’s Playboy, 6 Volumes

Hugh Hefner is a hero and a role model who built a massive empire on his own wit and passion for life... not to mention passion for gorgeous girls. But anyone who actually does read Playboy for the articles knows that there's so much more to it than that. Hef really created something unique, sophisticated and inspiring ... continue reading
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The Business Polo

Ralph Lauren meets T.I.T.S. with the Business Polo. Not named for being work-friendly attire, the Business Polo features the Big Richard Logo (which features a dude "giving her the business"). Let everyone know what's on your mind without drawing attention immediately for being that huge douche with people screwing ... continue reading
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T.I.T.S. T-shirts

If you're looking for the breast in cool apparel, then you've got to check out T.I.T.S. aka Two In The Shirt. They're a brand spanking new (emphasis on the spanking) clothing line with outrageously racy NSFW t-shirts featuring buxom babes drinking, gambling, making out or being otherwise generally titillating. Check ... continue reading
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Nude Water Color Paintings by Greg Stones

There's no question that the female form is the most beautiful work of art and that there's absolutely nothing shameful about displaying it. The girls at Mardi Gras know this to be true and so does water color painter Greg Stones. His series of watercolor paintings depict girls showing off their goodies in all kinds ... continue reading
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The PUMA Index

Sure, the economy sucks and we're all depressed about it, but it doesn't have to be all bad. Instead of crying every time the DOW goes down, now you have something to look forward to. PUMA decided that if you lose your shirt, so will their models. The free iPhone app, the PUMA Index shows off a hot model taking off ... continue reading
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Sex and shopping come together like peanut butter and chocolate at Combining "swag" and "sexy" the ground breaking online store shows off fun videos of cool stuff being demonstrated by sexy girls in bikinis. The products range from stuff like phones to dartboards and every product features a video with one ... continue reading
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Things Better Than Boobs

What on earth could be better than boobs? That's what the author of Things Better Than Boobs sets out to answer this question in 128 page paperback. The book will look great on your coffee table and of course pique everyone's curiosity. While we don't want to give away the exact contents of the book we will give you ... continue reading
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