Solitary Arts is a legendary California skate brand. Taylor Stitch is a legendary California shirt maker. In general, men like being comfortable and they also like looking good. The two of these legen (wait for it) dary brands teaming up to create something that is comfortable and looks good is a no-brainer, but they also made it durable as hell. It’s not a skateboard. It’s not a shirt. It’s a flannel lined denim project jacket that could very well replace your go-to Levi Trucker all together. The fit is standard Taylor Stitch (in other words, perfect), but it’s also got powder coated, double stitched metal buttons, two patch pockets, a single flap chest pocket and a hidden interior pocket. The combination of a flannel lining and 13oz denim means it’s going to keep you warm without turning you into a sauna, and it’s also going to break in very nicely.