RPMWEST has a pretty solid business model. Excellent Japanese selvedge denim jeans, tailored to your needs, cut and sewn in California and sold direct to you. By taking all of these steps, they can produce a high quality product and get it delivered to your door for $95–which is a fraction of the cost of a comparable pair of jeans from one of the big houses. If the name sounds familiar it’s because we talked about them during their first successful Kickstarter. Now they’re back with five new denim options: The Japanese Classic #4508 (140z sanforized, the same fabric APC uses), The Deep Indigo #1380 (13oz dark indigo), The Light Gray #4539 (13oz sanforized light gray denim) , The Rich Indigo #6782 (12oz deep dyed ), and The Black #6782 (15oz black on black). Each pair is limited to a production run of 200 or less, and they’re all backed by a quality guarantee that includes free repairs.