Anything that is going to come in contact with our nether region is important to us. This doesn’t just go for lady-friends, it goes for our undergarments as well. Whether you’re a boxer brief guy, a standard trunk guy or briefs man, pulling some cheap pairs off the shelf at your local big box store is a poor idea. MeUndies have been dubbed “The World’s Most Comfortable Underwear” for good reason, they really are damn comfortable. Each pair is crafted from micro-modal fabric made from beech trees and feel nothing like the ripped pair of Jockey’s you’ve got on. You can buy them a la carte or sign up for a monthly auto shipment if you don’t feel like worrying about buying underwear all the time. Plus, just for being a Cool Material reader, MeUndies is hooking you up with a 20% discount by entering the code MATERIAL at checkout until 11/30.

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