Jeans are much more than another pair of pants to most guys; they’re a uniform. They’re durable, comfortable, and they look good with just about every other piece of clothing. Selvedge (see also: Self-Edge or Selvage, they all mean the same thing) denim jeans are close to indestructible, which makes them worth investing in. Over time, they’ll fade and whisker based on what you’re doing in them and how frequently you’re wearing them. They’ll age gracefully, like a fine wine or scotch. Here are some of our favorite options in a bunch of different price ranges.

  • Gustin – $100
  • Flint and Tinder- $110
  • A.P.C. New Standard – $150
  • Rogue Territory Stantons – $220
  • Baldwin The Henley- $220
  • Samurai Jeans S710XX – $350

[For more information on denim in general, check out our Denim Primer.]