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Dootle Notebook for iPad 2

You've probably even surprised yourself with how much you use your iPad for. At first you thought, "I'll play a few games, use it a bit for work, maybe watch a movie or two on it," and then a month later, you're sitting on the couch having gone a day without eating because you can't put the damn thing down. For all ... continue reading
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MeUndies Sale – 30% OFF SPONSORED

It's been dubbed the "world’s most comfortable" underwear, and priced at nearly half of its competitors ($16). After years of research and development and a "24 hour" stress test, MeUndies has created the perfect, contour fitting boxer brief that keeps its shape all day and never rides up. The first 500 Cool Material readers get 30% off orders larger than $75 when using code CM75. Not impressed? MeUndies offers a full refund and lets you even keep your first pair. Offer excludes packs and French Terry. ... check it out
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Use Your Bic Pen on Your iPad

We're sticklers for the written word. Heck, we created these damn things. Still, technology dictates that we have to do certain things with our i-devices and smartphones. Bic, the classic pen brand, is changing with the times but keeping us die-hards in mind. The Cristul Stylus gives you the classic Bic note-jotter ... continue reading
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Hard Graft Back Up iPad Cases

We can imagine wandering the streets of Italy and stumbling into some old, musty leather notebook shop and finding these Hard Graft iPad Cases amongst piles of Clairefontaine journals. If you're willing to drop a pretty penny on your iPad's new dwelling, you can't do much better than the cases from Hard Graft. The ... continue reading
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Booqpad iPad2 Folio

Combining two products into one perfectly versatile piece of equipment isn't just good design, it's an American past time. We've perfected the skill of adding bottle openers, knives and bigger engines to everything from wallets to VW Beetles. Now Booq is adding notebooks to that list. With the Booqpaq, your as-of-yet-unreleased ... continue reading
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Moleskine Kindle Cover with Notebook

If you're one of those crazy mavericks who decided to go the Kindle route rather than lemming off the Apple cliff with the iPad, we have something for you.  A high five.  Beyond that though, the Moleskine Kindle case is pretty cool... it covers your kindle, saving you from enduring the chilly stares of iPad-ers, ... continue reading
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Holiday Gift Guide: Our 2013 Picks

Every year we try our darndest to bring you the latest and greatest gear out there. While we try to make sure every item we feature is worth your time, some are just more exciting and purchasable than others. This is a collection of some of our favorites from the past year. Each makes for a killer holiday gift for just about any person on your list… including you. ... continue reading
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Office Space: Vintage

With a multitude of surge protectors, glowing computer screens, and treadmill desks, the modern office is, well, modern. Modern is good, but we still like having a bit of personality around us while we work and not just blinking gadgets. Even if vintage items aren’t really vintage at all, they still add character to any office. Here are some ideas to get you started. ... continue reading
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Goods: Pantone

Did you know the color of the year is Tangerine Tango? If you did, you’re probably a bit like us and have a somewhat odd interest in Pantone. The standardized colors appear on so many of the well-designed products we love. Here are a few items that take that love to another level. 1. Pantone Candle - $24 2. Pantone ... continue reading
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Paper by FiftyThree

It's getting harder and harder for us to defend dropping some of our hard-earned loot on mountains of notebooks.  The latest blow to our Field Notes/Moleskine/Postalco/(enter another brand you love) obsession, is Paper by FiftyThree for the iPad.  It's stunning.  If you're looking for a way to show off your new ... continue reading
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Winners List

1/1/13 - Cool Material's 2013 Big Ass Giveaway: Grand Prize - Robert B. from Charleston, SC Mission Workshop VX Small Rucksack (Black) – Christopher C. from Miami, FL Marshall Major Pitch Black Headphones – Scott B. from Westford, MA Blokkey – Jesse P. from Kings Point, NY All 6 styles of Word. Notebooks ... continue reading
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Journal Bandolier

We’ve reached the point where we’re hesitant to buy any notebook that does not come equipped with some sort of pen holster.  Admittedly, this is upsetting to us seeing as how, and you may have noticed this, we kinda have a thing for notebooks.  The problem is having a notebook without something to write with ... continue reading
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Okay, we already know what you're going to say. Notepod+ is basically Notepod but bigger, and it's not as big or functional as a notebook. But we still see room for it in the market... or on your desk. Notepod+ pokes fun of yet another desirable Apple gadget, the iPad. It makes a great desk jotter/mouse pad for Apple ... continue reading
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