Cool Material’s Roundup Women of 2012

Every week over the past year, we’ve posted at least one link roundup. Each features things we think are generally awesome. That includes beautiful women. Without fail, we will receive one or more comments every time telling us that the pictures of these women are in poor taste (despite the fact that we look for tastefully done work from skilled photographers). It will also turn out to be the most clicked on link on our page for the week . . . by far. Are most of those clicks coming from inside our office? Perhaps, but we figured everyone could enjoy a roundup of all the shots we’ve used over the past year. So, here you go.


  • Felipe Xavier

    Really nice

  • thethumos

    1 whole year and not one minority lol!

  • dmcle

    Fuck Women are amazingly beautiful.

  • Robin Rhyne

    If somebody ain’t whinin’ then you ain’t doin it right.
    Cheers and kudos; keep ’em comin!

  • Liz

    12 and 13 are black and Asian haha

  • Bernard Marx

    Depending on what country you are viewing it from every single one of them are minorities.