2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue


It’s a little known fact that Kate Upton did not exist before the year 2012. She actually magically appeared out of the thin blue air and proceeded to infiltrate our dreams. Based on this cover for the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, she’ll continue her domination in the new year. Whether her ultimate goal is to enslave us all and eat us for sustenance is still unknown.

[Via: Highsnobiety]


  • Dante

    she actually looks a little fat in this pic. Didn’t realize she’s got sort of a tummy, if you will. Still super doable though!

  • Jim

    Dante – Fat? Seriously!?! C’mon man, she’s fine as frog hair split three ways…as they say down here in the south. :)

  • Mike L.

    “super doable”? what the hell is wrong with you??? I think a women deserves a little more respect than that.

  • Steve

    She earns money by displaying her body so if she wasn’t “super-doable” then she’d be out of this line of work. The swimsuit issue sells because of the collection of “super-doable” women for us to ogle. You can’t pose nude and complain when no one respects your intellectual attributes.

  • Jacob Diesel

    How can you say she is fat? She does not look like she is. She is not petite skinny, nor chubby. She is lean, slim, or however you want to call it. She has the same proportions as pinup girls from the 40-60s. Nothing wrong there. We do get to see more flesh, we are the lucky generation.