Lose the Leather: 11 Unique Wallet Materials (+Giveaway)

Whether you’re a coffee or a Red Bull guy, a smoker or a gum chewer, a commuter or a driver, everyone needs something to get through the daily grind. All of those things require money, which means you need a money transportation device. Skip the standard leather wallets you’re used to and upgrade to one of these unconventional options.

This Hyundai sponsored post is about losing the leather and toting a more unconventional wallet. Thanks Hyundai!

Nooka AO

A multi-colored, silicone “wallet,” this Nooka option will keep your assets organized (hence the AO) with its expandable, yet comfortable design. It’s the cargo pants of wallets.

Recycled Billboard Banner Wallet

When was the last time you drove anywhere that a billboard didn’t almost cause you to crash? Put that same eye-catching ability to work for you with a Recycled Billboard Banner Wallet from NottyPooch.

DynomightyTyvek Wallet

Tyvek (the stuff that protects houses and airmail packages) meets clever art in every Dynomighty wallet. You end up with a an eco (and eco-nomically) conscious wallet that’s tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable, recyclable and emblazoned with Chicago’s L, $100 bills or even Dot Matrix printer paper.

Narwhal Recycled Tie Wallets

Since you’re officially business casual, a tie is probably the farthest thing from your mind, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the farthest thing from your pocket. Narwhal Co. recycles ties into fun, funky card holders, tie-folds and passport covers that will knot let you down.

Ragged Edge Kevlar Wallet

As utilitarian as it is interesting, the Ragged Edge Kevlar Wallet comes with all the pockets you need – including two hidden bonus pockets. It won’t stop bullets, but the hidden pockets will definitely stop unapproved shoe purchases.

Nau Billfold

Made of recycled polyester (potentially one of your dad’s suits), the Nau Billfold is the go-to choice for the International traveler. In a bind and need to safely stow an extra SIM card loaded with valuable data? You’re in luck Jason Bourne because there’s a slot just for that.

Jack Spade Cork Wallet

Wine might have gone screw top, but the best vintages still use cork. It’s durable, flexible and retains flavor better than other options. It only makes sense to turn it into a billfold and pair it with a leather interior.

Recycled Bank Money Bag Wallet

You might never be able to fill this vintage bank bag wallet with the amount of money it contained when it was just a bank bag, but it doesn’t make it any less awesome. Bonus points because it’s one of a kind and handmade.

Interrobang Seatbelt Wallet

Seatbelts prevent loss of life. Interrobang (think !? or ?!) prevents boredom. Combine the two of them and you have the conversation starting, cash loss preventing Interrobang Seatbelt Wallet.


Water resistant polymer available in card, cash, change and combination options that you can order in an almost confusingly large amount of color combinations.

Ooga – Neutra Prince Wallet

Much like you after quality time on your fixie, the Neutra Prince is slim, flexible and, honestly, quite rubbery. Which are all excellent qualities in an expandable, water resistant wallet crafted from recycled car inner tubes. Comes complete with road marking battle scars.

Hyundai, like any good sponsor, wants to give away something to their adoring fans. While it won’t be a car, it will be something you like. We can’t tell you what’s behind door #2, but we can tell you it’s one of the items on this list. Comment below (be creative) and we’ll pick a winner 2/21.
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Contest closed!

Congrats to Jim Hansen – winner of the Ooga Neutra Prince Wallet recycled wallet. Thanks again to Hyundai for sponsoring the post and contest.


  • Hosni Mubarak

    I will require the Nau Billfold to win my people back.

    Seriously, they will kill me with stones if I do not have this wallet.

    once again “Nau Billfold”

  • dunehole

    Sweet, like the dosh and the kevlar ones.

  • Tyler Beck

    Fantasmal! Excellent selection of wallets!

  • Grizz068

    im a broke college student, so i dont have any money but i do need a place for my condoms.

  • Jed Wu

    NIce wallets…but will it blend?

  • Mikko Antoc

    An eco-friendly guy needs an Eco friendly wallet to complete the package ;D

  • twong

    unique and awesome!

  • Ken

    I need a wallet so I can look like I have money when I really don’t :)

  • Wenjie

    I can’t sleep without thinking about the wallets

  • Ryan

    is it just me, or does dosh remind you of Tron? and oh, a seatbelt? goes nice with my Chrome bag. Sooo many options. 😀 thanks cm

  • Adam

    Love the dosh and nooka wallets. It’s like an iPhone case for your cash. Let’s color coordinate people!

  • Sam Dodge

    I think Adrian Olives should win. I mean serioisly look at the time put into that comment story epicness, but hey if you want to give me a new wallet too, well that’d be cool.

  • martymar

    just let me have it. i need a “cool material” that this ‘bachelor guy” can carry to “uncrate” all the women with the money that i dont have. Nau Billfold.

  • Jen

    go vegan, don’t use leather!

  • jtso23

    go vegan, skip the leather!

  • Jay


  • juice76

    My last wallet was synthetic fur, and do to its popularity, keen fashion sense, and the way it grabbed attention it was subsequently stolen along with $250.00. Therefore I believe many of these wallets, although still fashionable may act much like a chameleon in my pants (can I say that), and further prevent me becoming an unemployment statistic.

  • Christian

    what have we always said is the most important thing?

    But wallets are a close second

    Cool Stuff!

  • SS

    Well, I’m all about free stuff since I’m poor. So, hook me up with a free wallet so I can store more of my money in it instead of spending it.

  • Jerome O.

    Awesome set of wallets. I’d def like one.

  • Steve

    I need a new wallet because I lost mine and I’m currently borrowing my sisters. Let me tell you that girls don’t come running when they see the Hello Kitty.

  • Hector

    Nau Billfold is just classy…too classy

  • maurice

    i <3 all these wallets!!

  • http://blogged-down.com Melonie

    I’m not sure a seatbelt wallet is such a great idea. I’m certain I would lose it in my car somewhere, be staring at it for hours and yet NEVER find it, or my money, ever again!

  • Kelly

    The Neutra Prince Wallet is sweet!

  • B-

    Nice collection- very eco-minded. Especially like the kevlar but they r all very innovative.

  • RebelLumberjack

    Give a nice wallet to a guy who doesnt have a lot of money. That way, when said guy pulls out his wallet, he creates the illusion of wealth thereby attracting lady-friends. Ergo, CoolMaterial becomes an instant wingman.

    Sidenote: I am a guy who doesnt have a lot of money.

  • Leigh Walker

    I studied and have a love of design, so your website is amazing for this. These wallets are really innovative and cool!

  • joanthan

    This is too cool, show people these wallets stat conversation.

  • http://www.foodieatlanta.com Fredo

    i need a new wallet…

  • Chris

    I drive a Hyundai and need a new wallet…what better combo to be the big prize winner!

  • Alex

    Hyundai. Your cars have nothing to do with wallets. I just saved you thousands on wasted advertising and all I ask for is a giveaway in return.

  • Josh

    Anything would be better than my black binder clip…

  • Jason Lui

    Those are definitely innovative wallets. I’d be happy to win one if I am chosen.


  • sam smale

    I need a kevlar cork for that narwhal’s nottypooch, nau!

  • http://www.dormestics.net Alex

    One of my friends I met recently while backpacking had the old letter style wallet you guys featured a while ago.. Now I want that kevlar one so that I can be cool too…

  • Daniel

    Hook me up with one of these sick wallets and I’ll keep telling my friend’s about you guys. Incentive for you, incentive for me. Seems like a good call in my book!

  • Jonathan Rainwater

    I love the look of these wallets! I would enjoy having something that is not what others have and these wallets are awesomely unique.

  • Shawn

    these are trippy…but def cool

  • Meagan

    Love it. Love to win it. Love love love.

  • Jquinto

    Ok ok. I have had my current wallet for a while. Here’s my thing, I would love to have one of these wallets, so that at least the bulge at my back side is not actually bigger than the front. Help a guy out please.

  • micah

    Sweet – I love how designers are focusing on re-using old materials now – good stuff!

  • tim jordt

    Step One: Get a wallet.
    Step Two: Get money to put in wallet.
    Should be easy enough right?

  • Ryno

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  • shemi

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  • Josh

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  • Jennifer Rutsky

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