Tuesday Link Roundup

Maxim’s 2010 Hot 100 List – Maxim

Intimate Gymnastics Will Pump You Up…Down There – Asylum

25 Awesome NASCAR Products – All Left Turns

Inside the Playboy Mansion – 2leep

Top 8 Insane Gold Products – Unique Daily

Madison Welch wants you to vote or something… – Guyism

10 Videos of Actors Doing Impressions of Other Actors – Unreality

The White Russian Turns 45. Here Are 4 Unique Twists in the Original – The Bachelor Guy

How Women Should Always Be Sitting in Cars – Uncoached

Instruction Manual for Flying an SR-71 Blackbird – Just A Guy Thing

Sasha Grey Knows About Working 9 to 5 In the Porn Industry – Bro Bible

Adventure Vacations That Might Get You Killed – Ask Men

Ladies Of The 2010 Soap Awards – DJ Mick

Is MMA Gay? (Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That) – Asylum

Mother’s Day Special: The 25 Hottest MILFs – Complex

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