Tuesday Link Roundup


Larsen Sotelo Photography – Free York

Eating the World’s Largest Cheeto Over the World’s Most Expensive Keyboard – Gizmodo

The Man Who Brings People Back From The Dead – Wired

10 Annoying Apps We’re All Stuck With Using – Lifehacker

Top 50 Restaurants in the World – Huffington Post

The Best NYC Street Art of 2013 – Buzzfeed

Why Tabasco Is – And Always Will Be – Better Than Sriracha – Foodbeast

Your Martini Should Not Be Shaken or Stirred, But Vibrated – Neatorama

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  • Wes

    The article about resuscitation on wired, is the most interesting thing ive read in a while, its so calming to think even after death we have a while to talk to a greater being. Im atheist and that is just incredible.