The World’s Highest Paid DJs in 2014


Forbes has released its annual DJ rich list, and once again it makes us question why we didn’t invest in some Technics when we were 5. Calvin Harris topped the list again this year with David Guetta moving up and Swedish House Mafia falling off the map. Here’show the Highest Paid DJs in 2014 shakes out:

1. Calvin Harris – $66 million

2. David Guetta – $30 million

3. Tiësto – $28 million

3. Avicii – $28 million

5. Steve Aoki – $23 million

6. Afrojack – $22 million

7. Zedd – $21 million

8. Kaskade – $17 million

9. Skrillex – $16.5 million

10. Deadmau5 – $16 million

11. Hardwell – $13 million

12. Armin Van Buuren – $12 million

12. Steve Angello – $12 million


  • rafael_t

    That’s ridiculous, but I guess it reflects our culture.

  • Chuck

    The insane obscene pay for this pathetic profession is clearly a statement that reason and sanity have gone by the wayside, not just in the US but across the globe. The idiots spin records, nothing more than that.
    This is as asinine as paying football, baseball and basketball players millions of dollars annually.
    What the hell has happened to reason and common sense?

  • madebyremedy

    …Americans starting listening to dance music again :) In Europe, we listened to dance music in all its flavours continuously from day one. In the mid and late 90s while the US was listening to Nickleback, we were in Ibiza going nuts. The DJ wasnt a star as such, some were, but for the most part, you didnt even know what they looked like, or care. Vegas happened and the term EDM, then the mega dollar machine rolled into town. DJs, particularly the well known ones are not worth this sort of cash. Head to the small interesting places, pay a sensible price to get in and find yourself meeting nice new people and hearing interesting stuff, leave these guys to it :)

  • madebyremedy

    urr, Steve Angello is in Swedish House Mafia!? surely the other two made more than $0 this year so they should be above him on this chart?

  • Miles

    One can only wonder how Steve Aoki is among that list. The guy is a complete joke with no skills.

  • d hatzman

    funny how such a big portion of them is dutch, while most people in the netherlands think they pretty much suck.