The Weekend Agenda


Every Friday we’ll get you hooked up with some solid weekend plans. These are the things we think you should watch, read or do over the next few days.

LOOK AT THIS: Nando Esparza – Tumblr (NSFW)

READ THIS: The Unfiltered History of Rolling Papers – Collectors Weekly

MAKE THIS: Modern Rustic Mudroom – Homemade Modern

EAT THIS: Cookies and Cream Peanut Butter – The View from the Great Island

SEE THIS: Shadow Dancer – Rotten Tomatoes

DRINK THIS: Red Bell Pepper, Lemon, & Basil Soda – Reclaiming Provincial

WATCH THIS: Hot Dog & the City – Vimeo

LISTEN TO THIS: Volcano Choir – Repave – YouTube

WEAR THIS: New York F*cking City Shirt – Scout Sixteen


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