The Weekend Agenda

Every Friday we’ll get you hooked up with some solid weekend plans. These are the things we think you should watch, read or do over the next few days.

LOOK AT THIS: Rey Trajano Photography – Rey Trajano

READ THIS: Seeking Men’s Style – Life Scoop

MAKE THIS: Stylish DIY Wood and Concrete Lamp – Man Made

EAT THIS: Sweet & Spicy Caramelized Onion BBQ Grilled Cheese – Ring Finger Tan Line

SEE THIS: Skyfall – Skyfall Movie Site

DRINK THIS: Mexican Hot Chocolate with Tequila and Cayenne Pepper – Creative Culinary

WATCH THIS: Hurricane Sandy on Bikes in NYC – Vimeo

LISTEN TO THIS: Late Night Tales: Friendly Fires – iTunes

WEAR THIS: Jack Spade Fingerless Gloves – Stag

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  • schwicar

    Very sad, becdause I can only look at #1 ;)

  • Barbara Kiebel

    Thanks for including the cocktail I recently made; it is SO good. Surprisingly; my daughter was very iffy, she is now a fan. :)