The Weekend Agenda

Every Friday we’ll get you hooked up with some solid weekend plans. These are the things we think you should watch, read or do over the next few days.

LOOK AT THIS: Matheus Pena Photography (NSFW) – Matheus Pena Photography (via Mash Kulture )

READ THIS: Unlocking Wu-Tang’s Secret Album – Forbes

MAKE THIS: Vintage Flash Lamp – Instructables

EAT THIS: Deep-Fried Doritos Crusted Bacon – Dude Foods

SEE THIS: Chef – Rotten Tomatoes

DRINK THIS: Gin Shot with Glowing Tonic Cubes – Cooking with GIFs

WATCH THIS: Penny Dreadful – Showtime

LISTEN TO THIS: Lana Del Ray – West Coast – Youtube

DO THIS: Pop Up Flea - Pop Up Flea

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