The Weekend Agenda

Every Friday we’ll get you hooked up with some solid weekend plans. These are the things we think you should watch, read or do over the next few days.

LOOK AT THIS: Andy Hartmark Photography – Juxtapoz

READ THIS:What Happens to Your Body Drunk and Stoned at The Same Time – Popular Science

MAKE THIS: How to: Make DIY Whiskey Flavored Toothpicks – Man Made

EAT THIS: Baked Potatoes with Sour Cream Chives – Delicious Tapas

SEE THIS: The Raid 2 Sony Classics

DRINK THIS: Stone Enjoy By IPA – Stone Brewing

WATCH THIS: Saturday Night Live – NBC

WEAR THIS: American Made Underwear – Well Spent

DO THIS: NYC Hot Sauce Expo - High River Sauces

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