The Internet is HUGE!


You remember all those cool things we told you about beer so you could start conversations at the local pub? Well, what happens when you run into that cute chick in IT? Or you just so happen to get a press pass to the Consumer Electronics Expo? How about the next tech “mixer?” (Just so you know, those events are around thirty percent technology and seventy percent mixing – drinks that is – and mingling.)

That’s why there is a day in the Internet – or Intertubes or Internets or Interwebs – because everything looks a little bit different when you walk around in his/hers/its (The ambiguity is necessary because no one has sexed the Internet… yet) shoes, especially when they’re size 427 million.

Speaking of sexing the Internet, anyone want to hazard a guess how HUGE the statistics are for “adult” materials? They must have run out of space on the chart for the ASCII art.

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