SPONSORED GIVEAWAY: Tervis Tailgating Party

This sponsored post is brought to you by Tervis; Meet the world’s first smart cup at tervis.com.

Major sporting events aren’t just about touchdowns, home runs and three-pointers; they’re also about brats, burgers and cold beers. You could get all those things from the concession stand with a side of nachos, but they won’t come with the smell of charcoal, the games of bags or the general sense of camaraderie you get sitting on an open tailgate. Call us crazy, but nothing beats hanging out in a parking lot packed with thousands of your closest friends as the smell of cooking meats permeates your nostrils and you hydrate with everyone’s favorite hoppy beverage.

The easiest way to get that delicious nectar into your insides is just to drink it from the bottle or can, but local law enforcement isn’t always on board with that. So you take a trip back to your college drinking days and you bust out the Solo cups. You’re a smart guy, so you need a smart cup. The Tervis smart cup will keep your beer cold and your Irish coffee warm. It’s nearly unbreakable, dishwasher safe and won’t leave rings on your table. In other words, it’s as rugged as a Weber and as durable as a Chevy. But don’t just take our word for it, let Tervis prove it.

Contest Closed. Congrats to Dan!

In order to make sure you throw the best party this side of an end zone, Cool Material and Tervis want to hook you up with a $500 Amex giftcard for supplies and $100 of Tervis products. All you have to do is plan the perfect tailgate party with a $500 budget and $100 of Tervis goods, then post it in the comments below. One winner will be chosen at random 8/3. Good Luck!

Official Rules


  • Dane

    Buy an inflatable pool, not a kiddie pool but one that is around $150 and a decent size. Spend another $100 on a little grill and things to put on that grill. The rest goes to decent alcohol with mixers to put in the Tervis cups. BAM! Instant Awesome Party! You only thing you need now are the people to have fun with.

  • Christian

    Perfect Tailgate…… Loaded cooler – $250.00 and then $250.00 of pork product. Namely Bacon.


  • John

    All I need is 1 Keg and about 15 Tervis Smart Cups to keep the beer cold for me and my buddies…meet me at the beach…

  • Thomas

    500 dollars worth of booze to fill the tumblers. Nothing else.

  • Ismael

    Large groups get caught. 3 Tervis tumblers one Tervis ice bucket would very nicely compliment a small grill, bug repellent, Beef & Pork with some peppers to stuff your favorite rolls and portable tv or radio for some background. Add a larger cooler for the food and drinks during travel…and it’s on like Donkey Kong.

  • Chris Jennison

    I’d use the giveaway to end the summer and kick off the school year right. As a Syracuse Orangeman, I’d tailgate the opening game of the football season. With 8 Tervis Syracuse cups ($100), a Coleman RoadTrip 285 sq. in. Portable Grill ($200), and a hell of a lot of Sam Adams Summer Ale and Gianelli Sausages and Hyde’s Hot Dogs from Liverpool up near ‘Cuse. That’d be a great tailgate setup to me, especially with some SU lawn chairs to go with it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/mandie.satterfield Mandie

    Rent a projector to screen the game outside, lots of delicious beer and mixed drinks to pour in our Tervis cups, and enough hamburgers and hotdogs to feed a small army.

  • http://theflintskinny.blogspot.com/ Colin

    Stock up on Michigan tumblers with the Tervis $$$ for the Wolverine faithful in attendance. Then head to Costco and buy $500 worth of hotdogs, buns, beer and ice. Set up on the front lawn and offer food/drinks to every single person that walks by, regardless of team loyalty. I see my friends all the time. Partying with strangers…now that’s where it’s at!

  • Bryan

    Here is what I am thinking for the perfect fall tailgate party. For $500 you could do some real damage. Probably around 30 people or so. Already have iPod/speakers, corn-hole game, chairs/tables, and a grill at the house.

    $150 – Local food emporium visit. Get some brats, burgers, buns, chips, salsa, guac, fixings, corn on the cob, etc. Already have the grill at home so a cookout is the way to go.

    $150 – Booze. Gotta have some booze and mixers. Maybe 3 or 4 cases of beer. The aforementioned rum and some other libations to enjoy the day with. Staying away from tequila.

    $50 – Big cooler. One with a nice drain so I don’t throw my back out trying to get the water out. Gotta keep the drinks cold.

    $25 – Will need some good mixers. Cola, cranberry juice, ginger ale, etc. Will have to buy some ice, but not a much because those Tervis smart cups really keep things cool way longer the the normal plastic party cups.

    $50 – Super soaker, like a big mother one. Fill it with a nice mix of rum and lemonade. Something light that you can go around shooting shots into everyone’s mouths during the party. Can be re-gifted to small children in the family following the event.

    $25 – Football to throw around the yard, will probably turn into some ridiculously competitive game of two hand touch in way too small of a yard.

    $50 – Tiki torches, tiki oil, and some nice flamingo christmas style lights for when it gets dark out. Also, a first aid kit for when some bozo crushes a tiki torch with an errant football throw.

    Could be epic

  • Charley

    1 Keg, about $150 of Mixed Drinks and about $225 on BBQ, all the sides, hotdogs and ice. And as many Tervis cups as possible.

  • Brad

    Load up on Philadelphia tumblers from Tervis, round up the crew and head down to Sun Life Stadium here in South Florida on December 11th around 10am with loads of authentic Philly Cheesesteaks from Big Al’s Steaks, along with a few coolers full of Yuengling as well as a variety of rums/vodkas to mix into our sodas and monsters. Add in an assortment of chips/dips, loud music, some beer pong, an ice louge for everyone to take shots from… and finish it off by watching my Philadelphia Eagles put a hurtin’ on the Dolphins… Just a perfect day….

  • Zip

    beach babes and brews. makes a great party

  • Zac

    Let’s start at the best rivalry in all of college football, Michigan vs Ohio State.
    Grab about $125 worth of Brats, Burgers, Steaks, Chips, and Fixings to go with at the supermarket. Then we head over to the liquor and beer store. Grab a half gallon of each kind of liquor, along with some mixers or soda for the kids, probably $150 total, and another $140 or so on a keg of beer. Put that in your new cooler(s) ($50), because not everything will keep cool like a Tervis Smart Cup. Bring it all to the game, pass out that nice swag from Tervis, including those University of Michigan Tumblers, and get the party started.
    Grab the pigskin, because it’s gonna be a great time.

  • S

    A keg of local beer, in order to empower one’s team to arise, victorious.

    Brats with sauerkraut, finger foods, get real old school Midwest 1950s America with it.

  • Trace

    $500 is a lot of Shiner Bock. As a former student from Texas A&M, I am not sure what $500 and $100 adds up to. However, with my own grill and marinade … I would have $250 worth of pork ribs, sides, and extras. $250 would buy about 264 bottles of Shiner Bock. Save $20 for 20 bags of ice … and let the goods times roll.

    Tervis tumblers? Put an aggie logo upside down inside each of them and we’re all good to go. Gig Em!

  • micah

    Gotta go w/ several kegs of Sweetwater 420, plenty of brauts + burgers, ten bags of ice, some liquor + mixers for the ladies and a pinata or two to really set things off!

  • Lynne Vogel

    First, purchase new bikini…it’s super hot in Dallas! Pair it up with favorite, old, stand by Daisy Dukes. Next, blend up some margaritas and pour some shots. Then, grill some shrimp and smoke some ribs. Finally, head to the lake for some serious chillaxin!

  • Sharon

    A tent at the beach, a cooler full of drinks, and the sun and wind. Tervis too, of course!

  • JC

    6- 16oz Tervis personalized tumblers @ $16 each
    2- 5 gallon coolers @ $25 each
    ~ $100 of booze
    ~ $100 of beer
    ~ $100 of food

    Save $150 for the cab ride home

  • Kenneth

    A couple of Chicago Bears tickets, 1 parking pass, a lot of brats and beers and tervis glasses!

  • http://www.vivachas.com Chas Sinklier

    Alright – here’s the plan! Me fave sport is pool – well okay it’s me second, but I’m planning this party up at the lake. We’re calling it a pool party for two (2) reasons. One our place backs up to a wonderful lake and two I got the tables man! That’s right a dip in the pool and we’re shooting pool. We’re putting the pickup trucks in a semi-circle with tailgates open to the lake and grillin’ and chillin’. Those addicted to A/C are shooting pool and watching the game on the big-screen. P A R T Y ! ! ! ~:0) VivaChas!

  • Jon

    Plan a tailgate? Why plan what takes place every saturday during the regular college football season? Every Saturday starts with my brother in law waiting at 6 am for his spot on the UofA lawn (mall) followed by a hearty breakfast of burritos and sportsmans (Jack Daniels & Squirt soda). Around 10-11 (depending on the game time) people slowly start trickling in with coolers filled with whatever random beer they decided to bring and Ed fires up the grill for whatever we’re making that week, usually ranging from carne asada tacos to the standard hotdogs & burgers. Then when the tailgate gets into full swing it’s a mob of jello shots, sorostitutes and even more beer, with the occasional flask of whatever liquor that person likes. By the time the game starts it’s usually a giant stumbling of the masses to the stadium, every one swaying back & forth like a middle school representation of what the ocean looks like in a play. By the time we get inside, the hidden flasks/bottles come out of hiding and the drinking rages on.

    So I ask you, Cool Material, why plan when I can just follow tradition? Oh and if you guys want to come that $500 in spending money should be enough to cover your drinks & food and whatever else happens to roll our way.

  • Rebecca V

    Here it is!
    1 container of lemonade and vodka
    2 kegs – one local beer for me, one miller lite for those without taste but whom I still like
    3 packages of homemade sausage
    4 pounds of ground beef
    5 racks of ribs
    6 cups of coleslaw
    7 tubs of potato salad
    And about 100 pounds of ice in the back of the truck. If it’s as hot as today, I’d even sit in it :p

  • Erica

    The perfect tailgate party? I host, everyone brings their own food and booze, which is served in the $100 of Tervis products, and I keep the $500 for myself. Everyone wins… especially me.

  • greg

    I’d buy $300 worth of gin, vodka, white rum, coconut rum, and assorted fruits for a mystery punch, $130 worth of wild game, $50 worth of slow cook charcoal, a recycled steel trash bin to smoke the meats, and the remaining $20 worth of quarters to play random drinking games around a cleared field. The tervis “glasswear” keeps the punch constantly chilled, and doesn’t chip when you bury a 14 foot arching quarter flip against a 6 mph wind!!

  • clan

    …….$500 of booze and $100 of cups haha

  • Mike

    A keg, lots of friends, a beach, a BBQ & Tervis personalized tumblers! …That’s a good time!

  • http://www.fredcity.com/ Fred Schiller

    A couple of lawn chairs and recliners for friends, a bottle of Grey Goose vodka, a bag of purified ice cubes, and give the remaining cash to my local food bank. Thank you Tervis!

  • MJ Healy

    This has gotta be a tailgate party at a Detroit Tigers game. The money goes to getting the best tickets for a Verlander game. then we get all the Detroit foods to grill and drink and munch. Then, of course, pass out the “smart cups” for all to enjoy their adult beverages. A perfect evening in the Motor City.

  • JAY

    1. Cooler
    2. bags of ice
    3. liquor
    4. organic prime ribs for the bbq
    5. sides – potato/macaroni salad
    6. jello shots
    7. 2 beer pong table set-ups

  • Mike P.

    In order to tailgate like a rockstar you first need the proper venue. Everyone expects tailgates at football games, but much like the Spanish Inquisition NOBODY expects one at a badminton match! That’s right, I’m talking THE Bryn Mawr Owls badminton team! Who else would I be referring to? And trust me, you’re going to need a LOT of booze because Pennsylvania in February ain’t toasty! I know what you’re thinking… but remember, it’s an all girl’s school fellas, no dbag frat dudes will be homing in on your tailgate turf. Why, it would be so much fun that a few of the tailgaters might forget to actually go to the match itself! Fear not, for there will still be plenty of shuttlecock action at the outside attraction! A new game called “shuttle-beer” or perhaps “beer-cock” (have’t worked it out yet) shall debut, with Tervis cups playing the all-important role.

  • lil

    as long as you have a pool all you need is food and games: tables for beer games, corn hole, inflatable toys, and good food to throw on the grill.

  • Duff

    Real simple…1 keg, 1 grill, burgers, dogs, chips, dip, and enough Tervis cups to keep the gang happy and hydrated!

  • George Carey

    When it comes to having a good time, its not always about what you bring to the party, but who you bring. If I were to win I would use the money to treat my good friends to a good time before the start of a long hard school year.

  • Bryan Balkenbush

    I would definitely have to get a good grill and lots of brats and burgers for gilling which would come out to $200. Then get a cooler loaded with booze, about $250 worth. Then you have to have a cornhole set for any proper tailgate, the last $50 should do it. Then head over to tervis where I would get the american flag and Air Force tumblers because Im in the Air Force and you have to represent. And one last thing would be the shaker top because everyone loves a nice cocktail. and theres a perfect tailgate

  • daniel


  • Hunter20

    keep it pimpin cool material

  • James

    3 Kegs of Sam Adams, 6 New England Patriots Tervis Smart Cups and the NFL Sunday Ticket.

  • http://toddstepp.wordpress.com Todd

    Instead of 8 regular tailgate parties for my beloved Tennessee Titans, I’d gather the regular tailgate crew and throw one of the biggest tailgate parties Nashville has ever seen.

    Load up on steaks and sides, a new cornhole toss, Titans canopy tent, and Tervis tumblers (with the glorious Titans logo on them) loaded up with drinks.

    Section 305 wouldn’t know what hit them.

  • jk

    I love the NY Giants and would spend $100 worth of tumblers for my favorite team. With the other $500, a keg of course to fill the tumblers with beer, but also a gigantic crab feast. I’d have king crab legs with butter and old bay seasoning, corn on the cob, sausages, and plenty of napkins cause it’s gonna get messy.

  • Jay

    My uncle loves fishing so I’d throw a relaxing family get-together party by the lake. A great day of fishing with $100 worth of tervis tumblers filled with iced tea. The rest of the money would go towards fishing gear for us to catch our own dinner. Well, not all of it. Maybe enough left over to order pizza just in case!

  • John Stanek

    $100 in Subs
    $100 in wings
    $100 in potato skins
    $200 in Guiness
    $100 in Tervis goods to support the above!

  • Russell

    Opening Tailgate at Jerry’s House with my beloved Tigers versus Oregon on September 3rd in Dallas, Tx. In honor of Tx, we would start with The Taste of Texas catering special from Sonny Bryan’s for 20 people ($250). Wash that down with 4 cases of Texas’ finest Bock: Shiner Bock beer($140). The remaining $110 would be strategically used to create the original Texas Tea wonderfully chilled using our nifty Tervis Tumblers. A pleuthora of spirits including tequila, rum, vodka, gin, bourbon, sweet&sour splashed with Coca Cola.. Ahhhhh Goooooo Tigers!!!

  • Jeremy

    I’m bad at planning these things out too well… but I guess some beers and burgers, and if possible… a moonbounce?

    I’m a sucker for moonbounces.

  • Nate

    longbed pickup with a loud stereo, need a place for the babes to dance

    150$ in great bbq
    130$ keg from northern lights brewery
    150$ in regulation booze(tequila, gin, whiskey, ect)
    20$ table for beerpong, flipcup, ect
    plenty of tervis cups to keep the party goin all day long

  • Aaron

    Buffet of food and drinks for anyone walking by. More the merrier at a tailgate.
    Skydancer to get their attention.
    Lawn games to keep everyone entertained and hanging out.
    Speakers going with music/pre-game/game to keep the mood fun and lively.


  • jason

    Food Friends and Refreshments. Maybe a little entertainment? No NFL? How about an MMA tailgate, a PGA tailgate at hte local drive in? We can rent it out, i’ve done it before. EVS We can entertain ourselves whatever! But we must be properly equipped! Tervis hooks us up!

  • Clay

    College football is tailgating at it’s finest. The essential elements of a tailgate are the people who are in it. I go to a school with an awful football team in the Big Ten whose expected to loose on a weekly basis. My friends and colleagues tailgate like we are competing for the BCS title every weekend and that will always be the case. A $500 budget would suffice for a DJ for all college kids on the tailgate fields, food for family, and more cocktails than even David Hasselhoff could enjoy. Tervis is more than welcome to join the party.

  • Dan

    $500 bottle of scotch, one Tervis glass. Tailgating for one.

  • BeerBellyJoe

    Have my friends pay of the tailgate food and drinks and treat them with the best tickets $500 can buy!