It’s no longer “appropriate” to have gratuitous pictures of women hanging on your cubicle walls at work.  You can’t even hang up cute pictures of your puppies and kittens (Come on man, we know they aren’t really your girlfriends, she’s allergic to cats.) without getting some level of scorn from the fellow denizens of Dunder Mifflin.  But if you slap a bunch of numbers and occasionally some words on them, you have a one-way trip to productivity and TPS report nirvana. You say gratuitous imagery, I say time reckoning device.  So long Dilbert, leave the muffins.

Telegraph delivers with a selection of delicious (Hot Mormon Muffins), rock-solid (Men on a Mission), morbid (Zombie Pin-Ups), tawdry (“Hot Chicks in Coffins” [Tentative title]), and downright pointless (you can figure this one out) calendars that will make you laugh, cry, and maybe even hurl. Mormonism has never been so cool.