• Josh McDannel

    Uh, Hyundai is the opposite of cool. Their association with this giveaway devalues your brand and makes me think is becoming less cool.

  • John Brenseke

    Win FREE Stuff. . . Let’s the the GIVE AWAY. . .

  • scott

    Wow, Agree with Josh. Hyundai? Even if their give away WAS a car, I wouldnt take it. Come on men, look at the name of your site and follow.

  • SusieJean Johnson

    re: Giveaway- Snap out of it & WIN!!!

  • Marilyn Stephens

    This givewawy is Hyundai’s way of Snapping Out of the normal conventions.

  • carl

    Good luck…………..

  • blockheadrob

    Hyundai is trying to give away free swag, that’s cool in my book.

  • Diane Eckstine

    Great contest and site

  • Marilyn Stephens

    Hyundai is putting on a great contest. Thanks.

  • Marilyn Stephens

    I like it!

  • Marilyn Stephens

    Hyandai is looking good!

  • Marilyn Stephens

    Thanks. This is a good one.

  • Marilyn Stephens

    This is cool!

  • Marilyn Stephens

    I hope Hyundai continues offering these promotions.

  • Marilyn Stephens

    I appreciate Hyundai

  • Marilyn Stephens

    I appreciate Hyundai sponsoring this promotion


    I would drive a Hyundai because Im not a snotty SOB!