There is so much awesome stuff that passes through the pearly gates of Cool Material on a regular basis that sometimes you might miss something fantastic. Consider this a friendly reminder to Lose the Leather with the Hyundai Giveaway and strap on something fresh and clean with the Diesel Giveaway.


Ah, the waffle weave. Looks cool, feels great, reminds us of toasted Eggos. You’ve seen them before–probably in a fancy store or hotel–but Parachute’s brand new Waffle Towels are different. They’re spun using innovative Aerocotton Technology, which basically means they’ll be dry by the time your significant other finally gets out of the shower and realizes you stole their towel. Parachute’s Waffle Towels come in two sizes and two neutral colors. Plus, their 100% cotton construction means they start soft and only get softer with time. Even Kevin McCallister would approve.