Paul Cadden Pencil Drawings

Paul Cadden Pencil Drawings


There are people who have gifts for something, and then there are people who have gifts for something. Paul Cadden is more proficient with a pencil than most doctors are with scalpels. His works range from full nudes to detailed garbage drawings (the subject, not the final product), but all of them are closer to photo realism than we thought possible with the implement used to take Scantrons. Check out some of his works here, or view the whole gallery on his website.

ZYX Flask ZYX Flask

The flask, by nature, is a clandestine item. It slips in and out of interior suit pockets on the sly. Why not bring an added dose of covertness to the whole ordeal with this All Black ZYX Flask. The stainless steel flask sports a mysterious motif that’s supported by the alphabet being curiously printed in reverse on the front. Each All Black ZYX Flask holds 6 ounces of the good stuff. If an MI6 agent were to take a swig on the job, we like to imagine this would be his flask of choice.

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