New Diesel Time Frames: Our Picks

This is a Diesel sponsored article about the latest and greatest in the world of Diesel watches. (Thanks Diesel!)

The designers, engineers and all-around-badasses at Diesel have had their noses to the proverbial grindstone since we reported about our favorite Diesel watches. The new watches incorporate multiple faces, time zones, childhood memories and, of course, copious amounts of black. These are our favorites. [Ed. note: Our attention spans are as short as yours, but make sure you get all the way to the bottom. You could be handsomely rewarded.]

On the surface this watch looks like the ubiquitous digital piece everyone had in grade school. But just like those Hypercolor t-shirts you were so fond of, it changes color based on body heat. We’re not going to call it a mood watch, but you get the idea… DZ7211 – $85.00

If you multi-task anything like we do, knowing the time in three different places is a necessity, not a convenience. Sure, we could do the conversions in our head, but that doesn’t look anywhere near as good. DZ7208 – $250.00

The DZ7092 lies somewhere between stylish leather wrist accessory and doomsday clock. Scrolling red LED numbers keep you apprised of proximity to quitting time – at all times. DZ7092 – $170.00

As the most minimalistic watch in the collection, the DZ1413 feels a bit like Marilyn Monroe at a Lady Gaga concert. Which is to say it’s classically gorgeous and not just making a statement. DZ1413 – $160.00

Part porn star watch, part stylish time instrument, the DZ1408 is like Ron Jeremy guest starring on an episode of Entourage. Slightly out of place, but no one – you included – will be able to look away. DZ1408 – $295.00

We don’t know what caused Diesel to make a watch out of the DNA from a spaceship and LEGOs, but we like it. It can’t teleport you anywhere instantly, but at least you won’t miss your flight. DZ7153 – $225.00

The Sam Fisher of Diesel watches, the DZ4192 is the perfect combination of military precision, polyurethane straps, shitloads of black and the iconic light-up-the-night green accents. DZ4192 – $180.00

It might not have a built-in communicator or detonator, but this watch is perfect for the budding Bond or Bourne. Or just for you to wear out for the evening. DZ1409 – $100.00

As simple as it is black, the DZ1430 is everything you love about Batman (leather and black stainless steel), without the things you don’t (fake nipples). DZ1430 – $160.00

Like all the best sponsors, Diesel is throwing product at us. Product which we’re going to give to you. Even though it’s not a flux capacitor, the Hypercolor-esque Thermal Attraction watches will still take you back to your childhood in an instant. Diesel wants to help you relive your glory days by giving one lucky reader a Thermal Attraction watch. To enter, visit Diesel Time frames and check out their full collection of men’s watches. While you’re there, pick out your favorite Thermal Attraction watch (DZ7211, DZ7212 or DZ7213) and leave a comment below with your color choice. We’ll choose a winner on Monday 2/14.


Congrats to Tony (g4torture…  We’ll be in touch


  • dzure

    They are all pretty cool, unique.
    I would choose DZ7211 in blue though.

  • Thomas

    DZ4192 Basic Black!

  • Kawaun Harvey

    DZ7211 blue

  • Gaganjeet Singh

    DZ7211, The Diesel Blue is awesome.. I really like how retro yet contemporary these watches are! They are actually really cool for that, They are pretty rockable!

  • ana


  • david

    Honestly, too much for me. on the other hand, DZ1422 – nice. stylish, yet, suitable for work. only the cool will know…

  • Derek


  • Daniel Flores

    DZ7212 in green would look pretty good wrapped around a dudes wrist.

  • Zane Richter

    DZ7211 is cool!!!

  • Geoff

    I like the looks of DZ4192, simple watches are best for me.
    But out of the three thermal ones DZ7212 green is a good color.

  • Dan


  • Ade

    Dz7213….Id say…don’t judge…I ain’t afraid of a lil color in my life

  • Ed

    OK, I’m a mechanic and garage owner so I’m expected to exude tech knowledge as well as a willingness to get oil and grease up to my elbows when getting after a recalcitrant starter motor. But, when I pull my hands out and wipe them off, I want that Audi owner to do a double-take when he sees the DZ7213 on my wrist. And the same goes for the homie and his donk. Black just wouldn’t do it. Also need the digital for its toughness in resisting power tools’ vibrations.

  • Kyle

    The DZ7092 or the DZ4192 please!

  • coltonk

    These watches are pretty cool! but nowadays they’re more for fashion than practicality. I guess If I had to picck one of the thermal watches, I’d go for the blue one. (DZ7211)

  • kraAak

    I’d love to win the DZ7212 !!

  • Patrick Sullivan

    DZ7212 FTW! Favorite color as well as one of my fraternities colors.

  • Dracos

    DZ7211 rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steven

    I really want the d27211 but if i dont win i dont know what to do with my remaining lifespan

  • Drew

    Digging all the analog watches, especially the DZ1373.

  • Frankesaurus

    DZ2713, pink all the way!

  • Naomi

    I’d pick DZ7213 because I love pink but my overall fave is DZ7092!

  • Greg

    DZ7153 looks unreal.

  • DoyleJohnson

    I´ll pick the green one since its good ol` Patricks Day soon 😉
    DZ7212 for all the Saints on Earth…


  • Ola Csabi

    I would love to win the DZ7212 !!

  • H8BitHero

    I like the DZ7212.

  • Sammi


  • PeterK

    DZ4192 = classic-looking military but with clean modern face – timeless!

  • Tim Jacobsen

    CONTEST CLOSED! Congrats to Tony (g4torture… We’ll be in touch