Movie Titles Improved By Adding “. . . In Bed” (CLOSED)

Some movie titles just work better when you add “in bed.” We came up with a few new versions of our favorite movies to illustrate our point.

Contest Closed! Congrats to Winston

We’re always down for a good “in bed” joke, so we’re giving away a $50 gift certificate to Shop Cool Material to the funniest movie title improved by adding “in bed” that we hear.

Here’s how to enter:

Step 1. Follow @CoolMaterial on Twitter.

Step 2. Tweet your favorite movie title improved by adding “in bed.” Make sure you include a link to this post, @CoolMaterial and the hashtag #BetterInBed. So your tweet should look something like this:

[insert movie title here] In Bed @CoolMaterial #BetterInBed – Tweet

If you’re not on twitter, just leave a comment below with your movie title.

A winner will be chosen on 11/25. Good luck!


  • William Hance

    Some Like it Hot in Bed!

  • winston

    Enter the Dragon… in Bed

  • Ryan Chinchilla

    Close encounters of the third kind in bed.

  • Nadja King

    Long Kiss Goodnight In bed

  • Enrique M

    Saving private ryan in bed

  • Tom G

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in Bed.

  • http://none David

    Mary Poppins in bed
    The dirty dozen in bed
    X Men in bed
    Total recall in bed
    Conan the barbarian in bed
    Harold and Maud in bed
    The Gay Divorcee in bed
    Deep Throat in bed
    Debbie does Dallas in bed
    The Hours in bed

  • Alex

    Predators in Bed

  • Shawn C

    Driving Miss Daisy In Bed

  • Ryan Coulston

    Rocky, In Bed

    Top Gun, In Bed

    Miracle on 34th Street, In Bed

  • Parker

    Don’t be a menace while drinking your juice in bed

  • Lucas

    Black Snake Moan In Bed

  • Martin

    Batman Begins In Bed

  • Martin

    Also i am pretty sure that there are already pornos with the above mentioned names.

  • Donkeykong

    Happy Feet in bed

  • Ryan Chinchilla

    Kids in Bed

  • Efflixi

    Armageddon in bed