Miss Barbie


World Peace? Natural boobs? No way! In a contest even Mattel would endorse, plastic surgeons will be judged on their handy (and boobie)work in the field of artificial body adjustment. The contestants will be judged based on their vital (36-25-34) statistics and their medical records.

The contest, based in Hungary, is set to begin today. Assuming of course that the “backstage bust-ups” don’t derail the entire thing before it begins. The prizes have not been announced, but it’s probably something along the lines of free plastic surgery for life.

Ladies, no amount of surgery will make your boobs less fake. They aren’t as fun to play with, and it makes recreational watersports painful. It’s like having sex with furniture (Gizmodo Slightly NSFW Fleshlight Review) and no one wants to do that.

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