Lesbian Shangri-la


Lesbians – A dream every man has, but few realize. There’s two (sets) of everything along with different sizes, colors, and personalities. What more could a man possibly ask four? How about an Arthurian city (complete with castle) where the only residency requirement is a love of the female form. Well, that, and a vagina.

The town of ‘Chako Paul City’ (English translation – City of Awesome) is said to have been founded in 1820 in the northern Swedish woods by a wealthy man-hating (femi-nazism at its finest) widow. Unfortunately, while tourism in Northern Sweden is bustylin, no one seems to know the precise location of this mythical city. (Outside of the male mind, of course.)

Even the threat of imminent police beat-down has not stopped men the world over from searching the Internet for the mythical city of tits and ass. The problem is so serious that even the Google-besting People’s Republic of China is crippled by the traffic. Just remember, it’s your duty as a man to let the rest of the world know if you find it.

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