Kindness Above Malice

We spend a lot of time talking about the latest and greatest in everything from watches to wallets and gadgets to girls, but we’re going to take a break for one post to talk about a good cause that’s very close to our hearts. Recently, the Cool Material family lost one of our own due to suicide precipitated by bullying. Kameron’s life may have been short, but his impact on everyone around him is still felt to this day. His compassion and desire for change live on through Kindness Above Malice. K.A.M. will continue down the path that Kameron started on by providing scholarships for students with similar traits, creating community based mentoring programs and the creation of films that will educate. Take a minute to meet Kameron Jacobsen and then tell us that this isn’t a story that pulls on your heart strings. If you want to help, there’s more than one way to do so, and all the information you need can be found here. Help change tomorrow for the better – one good cause at a time.


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  • GC

    This is a wonderful idea to honor a wonderful boy.

  • usalas4

    That is heartbreaking… I’m sorry his family has suffered his loss. My prayers go out to them. Thank you for posting this tribute to him.

  • anonymous

    I commend Cool Material and Kameron’s family for taking such a huge step to address an issue that often goes unnoticed or is too taboo to talk about.

    There is a great deal of shame involved in thoughts of suicide and depression and it’s good to see an effort focused on bringing issues to the table to discuss them openly.

    I suffered with thoughts of suicide for 26 years and it is only within the past few years that I was able to make sense of the reasons behind my thoughts and actions.

    While I know my story doesn’t directly translate to situations others face, I truly hope the K.A.M. foundation will also focus on the role parents, siblings and other family members play in a child’s life and how the dynamic between the family can dramatically shape a child’s future and their perception of themselves.

    I’m sure there are many materials the foundation is looking at, but I would like to recommend a book that has helped me tremendously. Changing Course by Claudia Black is an excellent read and very insightful.

    Thank you for addressing such a dark and challenging issue.

  • JD

    Thank you for posting this. A very nice tribute and a very welcome post