Jorge Oswaldo Logo Paintings


Jorge Oswaldo’s work is made “by removing corporate logos from their original settings, and applying them in a different context, Oswaldo re-contextualizes their original meaning with a hypermodern framework.” So, basically, he takes the corporate logos that you’d be able to recognize even while heavily hungover, removes them from that context and he puts his own artistic touch on them. The end result is an entire collection we want to hang on our walls.

Jorge Oswaldo [via Logo Design Love]


  • vidroopianman

    I am pretty sure it is illegal for this guy to make money off of someones logo…

  • dm10003

    vidropianman: it’s art which has legal protections, but it’s cropped and changed so it’s not the unaltered logo.

    IMO I’d have little interest in having the Chik Fil A painting around tho…

  • Sabrtooth

    Illegal. Contrary to popular belief, even altering or cropping someone’s intellectual property is still infringement.

    It’s also very insulting, as a logo designer myself, to have yahoo take my work of art (and yes, it is that) and screw with it for monetary gain.

  • Sabrtooth

    *some yahoo, not the company

  • vidroopianmaneatsadick

    I’m pretty sure it’s legal to express yourself. I don’t think these works are for sale.