• God

    Don’t worry guys, I thought it was class.

  • VV

    everything was hilarious although i do think the columbia joke was a bit too much. those people didnt think it was funny they were about to die. nonetheless good job you should make a book.

  • DrMooseknuckle

    The only thing that was wrong with the Columbia joke is that it exploded LEAVING the earth, not reentering the earth’s atmosphere.

  • Gabrielle

    Now if Hitler had status updates…those might be offensive. Just a tad.

    Unless it was “Nein! Nein! Nein! I’m getting sick of this damn bunker. Fucking commies.”

  • JackLightningrod

    The only thing that was wrong with that statement is that the Challenger exploded leaving the Earth. Columbia disintegrated reentering the atmosphere.

  • Jack’s retarded

    Read it again dude, “entering back into earth’s atmosphere the homecoming party’s gonna be awesome.

    —loved the Church parts.

  • Alphabetix

    Great list. Ha!

  • Gina

    Too damn funny.

  • Andrea

    i love the cockroaches.

  • Andrea

    …there’s no such thing as a Brontosaurus? Here when I thought I knew my dino names! ha.

  • jordan

    ha i like how i pressed older posts thinking there would be more

  • talktothehandroid

    FUCK YEAH!@!

  • gümüş alyans

    can you do the same with fictional characters? “it’s a trap”. got the quote? (giant squidhead)

  • Ray

    How can I contact the person who wrote this, and tell them that I think these are HILARIOUS and as a history teacher I want to know how to make them so I can have my students make them for assignments. I agree I’m not that into the sad ones, but the Noah’s Ark OMG amiright. aiiii….

  • Lila

    Also, instead of cockroach at the end of the meteor status, probably should’ve been a rat, a mouse, or some small rodent.

    Uhhh the reason that it said roaches is that scientifically they would be the only living thing to survive if an atom bomb destroyed the Earth. Didn’t anyone see the scientific angle to the religious joking? I find THAT very funny!! LOL

  • nina

    Oh my sheeeesshhh, this is entirely tooooo funny, like I saw it earlier today then i had to look at it again ! (: haaaa woooooww

  • John

    But he’s not really making fun of god!! its not excatly wat happend but still adam and eve made sin and jesus fixed it

  • http://no No

    Ok, I’m an Athiest, but I’ll step over the line and argue a few facts for you “religious” people. Your “God” created everything, yes? Wouldn’t that mean that he also created “Humor”? Oh, why yes it would! Also, how is that disrespectful? The only thing God said was “Can’t teach these kids anything”, it wasn’t like they had him swearing excessively in there right?

    Get a life bible thumpers, get your heads out of your ass.

  • joey


  • joey

    oh, wait, no i don’t.
    all you people complaining about the god jokes and that really should grow up, they weren’t even offensive!
    they were all fact!

  • noname

    funny stuff, but when I got to Columbia Space Shuttle I had a really grim feeling, still I have to give you credits for making even sinister jokes quite funny. As for the God part the most hilarious thing I find in it, it’s the part where the Church likes the Original Sin.

  • Vocany

    What software was used to make this, i want to do one.

  • I am God

    alli have to ssay is that all you silly christians are the equivilant to closeted homosexuals. Run and tell dat ! Home boy!

  • avisioncame

    If I have to see this stupid fucking thing one more time…

  • Six


  • Benjamin Doolittle

    haha dick coats, we have them!

  • Vincent van Gogh

    I thought all of them were funny except the Columbia one … and guess what I am a Christian, the God one’s those were funny. My historical status would be something along the lines of : decided to cut my ear off today, it just didn’t feel right.

  • Dave

    anyone who thinks any part of this isnt humerous needs to lighten up!

    i see lots offended by the space shuttle, but no one offended by the Titanic huh? many many MANY more died in that catastrophe……

    That said, again, lighten up if this offends you

  • iBoL

    I notice an interesting parallel:
    Those that take offense to the referred “God Jokes” and the attitude of “The Church”.
    Oh boy, the things that make ya go “Hmmmm…”

    Take it for what it IS people, don’t make it what it AIN’T …
    Cuz sometimes … it just REALLY AIN’T.

    Ignorance is NOT bliss, it’s naivety.
    The harder you make it to learn your mistakes the easier it is to teach your mistakes … and THAT! kids, is why the world is sooo F’d up!
    LOL 8-]

  • smee


  • Rachel

    This was hilarious, and from a very religious person, I am sure God has a sense of humor too. I am sure he would laugh. He created all including humor.

  • Amber

    Yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh . . . last I checked, God had a sense of humor, unless you think Darwin is partially right and that quality just evolved in some people? Clearly not in you? God+funny doesn’t=heresy. I happen to think it’s funny AND accurate, if you read it again with your head on your shoulders this time you might agree . . . I highly doubt God would take offense to that little joke . . .

  • Clement

    Relax dudes…God jokes are funny. I agree the man up there has a sense of humour too 😀

    But I have to admit that Christians have a pretty good reason to be upset. It just seems that nowadays , in the field of monotheistic religions, everyone can poke fun (even to the offensive extremes) about the Judeo-Christian God, but if the joke was about the Muslims or Islam, it would be immediately taken down and a formal apology would have to be issued.

    Such double standards. Tsk. If you want to offend one, why can’t you offend the other? What’s the point in crying for peace and religious equality if by that definition it means a bashing of someone else’s beliefs?

    That being said, I think the reason the author only focused on the Christian/Jewish God was because it’s coming from a Western perspective. If it came from Russia, there would be Stalin/Communist jokes; and if it came from China, there would be Confucius/Tang Dynasty jokes, etc.

    Comedy has a great potential for unifying everyone. Seriously, the world would be a better place if more people had a sense of humour.

    Just my two cents. :)

  • Canuckbasterd

    Lollercopter ! Too funny all of it.

    And to everyone who takes offence to the god stuff need I remind you … ” If thine eye offends thee, pluck it out! “

  • ailurafil

    Loved it! Definitely would love to see more!!

  • Grimn

    AWESOME STUFF!!! LOL!!! Keep em’ comin!!!

  • Bahahaha

    OMG! I laughed hysterically! As someone who majored in history, this was just over the top hilarious with the innuendos!

    And I agree… the John Hancock picture had me rolling!

    Please give us more! This is quite possibly funnier than FU Penguin!

  • gracieboo

    I’m a Christian and the only offensive thing I found was the Columbia bit.

    On the other hand, I LOVED that Copernicus “liked” Galileo’s status. Hilarious!

  • Anonym0us

    “And I do believe that God likes humor….sorry, but I don’t think he wants us to be sulking around Earth for our lives having no fun”

    No – That’s the Catholics

  • slava

    HAHA i lole’d

  • dr.sci – fi

    the whole world needs a enama !!!!!!!!!!!!!lmassoff!!!

  • dr.sci – fi

    scotty beam up ..lolol

  • Jane

    Let’s just relax and laugh at a joke… No arguing about beliefs, it’s a losing battle and no one will change their mind.

  • humorAholic

    keep it going & publish it ………”rap humor”

  • God

    Don’t tune me! I will send you to hell, you heathens.
    Bow down to me and me only. Do as I say, not as I do. Everyone who commented here is destined for a lifetime of unhappiness.

  • kristin

    I love how this just shows our history is a history of men.

  • Ben

    Loved them all

  • Goldenboy

    This was hilarious. I am Christian and I thought the God part, especially the part about buddy Jesus having this one(original sin) was the best. It was respectful, theologically accurate and ROFL funny. Please all of the politically correct vegetables getting offended for other people shut it. You give other groups that don’t have a stick up there butts like you do a bad name.

  • Tony

    Eh, mildly funny… I am a Christian and I did not find the God jokes offensive, just not incredibly witty. I think they could’ve done a lot better with such a goldmine of material. The Colbert Report and Daily Show are ten times funnier. Not being a hater, just keepin’ it real. And to all fellow religious practitioners, I think it’s important to have a sense of humor even about the so-called “sacrosanct”. After all, nowhere in the Bible does it say that God didn’t have a sense of humor…

  • Tony

    The Julius Caesar one was pretty funny, but the rest were only mildly amusing. I am a Christian and I did not find the God jokes offensive at all; they just weren’t incredibly witty either. I think they could’ve done a lot better with such a goldmine of material. The Colbert Report and Daily Show are ten times funnier. Not being a hater, just keepin’ it real. On a separate note, to all fellow religious practitioners out there, I think it’s important to have a sense of humor even about that which we regard as sacrosanct. After all, nowhere in the Bible does it say that God doesn’t have a sense of humor. The ability to offend is granted by the offended. Plain and simple.