• Nate

    Ira Goldstein: “Just got on a train to camp auschwitz. Really cramped, can’t wait to get there and take a shower”

  • Nel

    Hey, love your stuff, some of it reaaally funny :)
    I dnt know if someone said it before but there were only 2 tablets from God with 10 commandment that is…

    Pls get that rgt, thx.

    btw, Im not hatin. Just want ur stuff to be correct :)
    Luv, nel

  • Qi

    i especially like the Helen Keller one.. LOL

  • jo

    watch this end up the way we teach history to em young fawkers eh…

  • Kim

    How do I know these aren’t fabricated as well?

  • Kim

    Aaah… that’s how

  • lol

    Come on, break a leg guys! lets not spoil it getting all political, historical and grammatical.
    good job for making a sullen person ROFLing!

  • Pocahontis

    The indians actually invited the pilgrims, not the other way around, way to go Euro-trash

  • XP

    This made me laugh, but I don’t appreciate being called a “religious freak” or a “religious wing nut”. I wasn’t insulted, but I am now. Good job promoting tolerance.

  • PsychoLEPrecon

    When is part three coming out?

  • Bob

    lmao helen keller

  • Kazz

    Awesome stuff!! Starting work with a smile with our great historians in mind!

  • Mouse

    omg, too damn funny. LOVED the Helen Keller status. lol

  • charlie

    who cares how incorrect some of it is… it’s supposed to be humorous so
    get a sense of humour!

  • Heathcliff

    Oh for crying out loud people!! It’s a JOKE!!!! And sometimes jokes are funnier when they twist, or conveniently ignore the truth. Thanks so much for a laugh – I don’t know why people didn’t find it funny – I thought it was the most hilarious thing I’ve read for ages!!

  • christine

    Helen Keller was the best!

  • christine

    Ira Goldstein: I know you are gonna get some heat about your remark, but it really made me laugh…I think this site is hilarious….FB really need this …sometimes things get too serious and political on main page….

  • Rudy

    Absolutely great with all the bad new we have to read this was refreshing …made my day keep it up….also would like to thank my friend from Australia for sharing this.

  • creativeno

    Congrats WYLO on a good job making history funny… we take ourselves too seriously sometimes – laughter IS the best medicine. Helen Keller was priceless!

  • Ro

    This is great! But the reply times are wrong (eg: a reply 10 minutes ago to something that happened 400 years ago)

  • Julia

    if possible, even better than the first. Mt Vesuvius is hysterical and i love the god ones from the 1st. nice @ alabama wanting a dislike button 😀
    really really creative peeps doing this. i love it.

  • allgoodboy

    yeah, pretty funny and, damn witty. I agree that it’s just a joke and historical inaccuracies should be taken lightly. Problem is, even tho most (hopefully) people know that; there were 2 tablets with ten commandments and not ten; that “the Holy Bible” does not state that the earth was made 6000yrs ago but only certain evangelists located mainly in the Southern US; that it’s the Muslims who kicked the Christians out of the Holy Land before anyone ever thought of a crusade, a lot of kids these days don’t get to reading as much as some of us did and they take this kinda kidding around fro granted. Food for thought: what do we do about it?

  • allgoodboy

    Goes without saying that this whole idea is genius tho!!
    I pissed myself laughing with the first edition!

  • sma

    I hadn’t seen the first one, but these are still pretty funny. Except for the Pearl Harbor one; you don’t joke about that. That will NEVER be funny.
    Also I think the people who are like take-the-religious-stuff-as-a-joke kind of thing and lighten-up say that because they are not religious, so they don’t really get that it could in fact be offensive to some people.

  • Tasha

    Good stuff. Hope you’re working on more. We’ve got centuries of material, so take your pick. =o)

  • adrienne carver

    “Marie Antionette is no longer in a relation ship with Her Head.”

    classic shit LOL!

  • TBH

    Actually, Jerusalem isn’t that hot. Israel usually is (esp. the half of it that is a desert) but J’lem is on a mountain.. it gets pretty cold there.

    Not Alaska-cold, but cold.

    Other than that – lolz

  • History

    Omg people, the christians never got kicked out in first place by the muslims. the jews got kicked out by the muslims, and later the crusade with the christian’s came along, pls get your history right if you try to correct someone. \

    Great Work Love it!!!

  • FR Nut

    Hey, cool job on both versions, BUT the Marie Antoinette qoute has long been disproven as fictional.

  • nice try

    too much Christian bashing for me, but that gets a cheap laugh from most morons. part 1 put “the world is flat” (fact) equal with evolution (were you there?). Most idiots saying “its just a joke,lighten up” dont get whats going on here. Love all the muslim jokes (?) .. oh yeah, they are victims.

  • Rj

    Not enough christian bashing for me really.

  • Facebook User

    Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky are in a relationship.
    Kenneth Starr likes this.
    It’s Complicated with Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

  • nice try

    Rj thats what I would expect from someone who creates a page about fisting an old mans ass, what are you 12? good luck in your life your going to need it.

  • Heyho

    really cool! great ideas – and so funny… :)

  • Kanooka

    Why so precious people, this stuff is as good as any comic I have seen perform and better than most. I agree that there should be at least a part3 in fact all the way to 100 would be good.

    Many thanks to Stumble :-)

  • Katie

    LMFAO This is fab!!!! Love it! I like how its light hearted and there’s something for everyone! Part 3 ASAP! and to those who are bitching about accuracy and grammer, anyone can tell an accurate summation of history, its easily researched but to make it funny, GENIUS!!!! xxx

  • Rob

    do something about Martin Luther King…lol.

  • Rossi

    Just saw “The Social Network”. It is incredible how things have changed. You guys really hit the spot! I wish I was so creative! Hope we’ll get some more. Anything about EU?
    Sincerely LMFAO!

  • King Tirto

    ROFL… part 2!… Almost died chokin’ from LMFAO… genuine! RSPCT!

  • Nemesis

    Would be much funnier if it was in chronological order. Just my two cents.

  • Anonomynous


  • Carlos

    That’s brave, taking on Christianity like that. I’m sure you beat up Islam pretty good, too.

  • leliiii

    OMG ! hillariiousss !! pleaase keep it goiing !

  • Claudia

    This is SO very funny we enjoyed it bunches, but some of your data is inaccurate :)

  • joe

    Can we do Mohamed joking about beheading everyone, or will that qualify as “muslim outrage” and make them attack infidels again…

  • schizuki

    “Native Muslims” in the Holy Land? Um, no. They were conquerors. Jews and Christians were the “natives.” The Crusades were an attempt to wrest it back.

  • Jeanie

    Unfortunately, you can’t tell the truth about Muslims. You might get your head cut off. So you gotta make up shit and pretend they’re the poor innocents ones.

    Silence! I keel you, infidel!

  • Grimmy


    Er … you mean after conquering a land by the sword, you’re considered “Native”?

    It’s too bad ignorance on this is so widespread … or maybe just trying to avoid being killed by the “Natives”?

  • Grimmy

    “seriously, these pages are LMAO funny and you guys want to debate politics and religion… lighten up!!”

    Unfortunately, many get their “knowledge” of history from sources like this. It’d be tragic to let them continue in their cluelessness, since it leads to messed up world views.

    “It’s funny because it’s true”; when it’s not true, it kinda breaks the “funny” part.

  • Valet

    Love these … though I think at least one of them should have someone commenting “FIRST!” … best place for that I thought was in part one, for the signing of the Declaration of Independence … could have had John Hancock comment.