GIVEAWAY: Haffstreuner Blockade XL Watch

American muscle cars have always been about going in straight lines. They’re boxy, solid, powerful and heavy, and somehow they’re also well designed enough to keep us coming back for more. The Haffstreuner Blockade XL watch is the American muscle car of watches – it’s just engineered by ze Germans and powered by the Swiss. The enormous 46mm square case and full length second hand make it impossible to lose track of the time. The body work is all stainless and the crown is also protected, so you can wear it without fear of destroying it. The trim comes from a black leather strap with contrast stitching. This watch might as well be called “Testosterone.”

GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed

Congrats to Ryan Wiemer!

This watch is normally $200, but you can have the Haffstreuner Blockade XL for free (thanks to Watchismo) if you help us do some good. We talked about the organization Kindness Above Malice this morning, and it would mean a lot to us if you helped get the word out.

1.  Like Kindness Above Malice on Facebook

2.  Then leave a comment below

We’ll pick a winner on 4/8. Good luck!

Check out the unbelievably cool collection of men’s watches at


  • Alex

    No problem! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!!!

  • Chris

    I wanna party with this guy on my arm.

  • Robert Blackburn

    The Germans did it again!!!! outstanding watch!! wunderbar

  • Gerardo

    Hope I win this one

  • Jonathan

    I’d love one of these. So COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eldar

    Great cause and such a nice watch… thanks for the opportunity.

  • James


  • jack

    I want one.

  • Yosef

    This really is a good thing if we help the kids then we will be better off in the long run.

  • Jerry

    A great promo, and a great website!

  • JRowe

    Great looking watch would love to win this for sure!

  • minimag47

    Do want

  • Chris

    A great cause and a cool watch…

  • http://coolmaterial stuart

    great watch, used to own one; they last forever

  • John Mahon

    I’m all in!!!!!!!

  • Joy Q

    Being a Martial Arts teacher sees kids who are victims of bully’s. Try to help them coup and deal with it is difficult. But with them knowing that someone understands and sees their pain and gives ways to improve things is a breathe of new life into their confidence. It takes all of us to sit down and listen and to your kids or anybodys kids when they are in need, before it’s too late.. GET INVOLVED WITH OUR YOUNGERSTERS LIVES!!!

  • Anton

    Liked and shared!

  • Ryan Wiemer

    That is one sweet watch. :)

  • Marco Pacchiano

    The watch would look a lot better if it were on my wrist!

  • Don Wulf

    Great cause

  • Ryan


  • Nate A

    would’ve liked KAM anyways an then you guys go and throw a chance to win a gnarly watch, does it get much better? answer: no.

  • Cory

    Awesome setup.

  • Jerry

    Great cause.

  • Richard

    Facebook can stop bullies, cool material can give me a watch. The world certainly is a cool place.

  • fares alnsair

    great giveaway

  • Charlie

    This watch would look wonderful on my wrist.

  • Chris King

    Good cause, Great looking timepiece..

  • dallas meacham

    this watch looks amazing. i would love to add it to my collection.

  • Sunny

    Great cause, awesome watch.

  • ken

    wow. looks like nobody likes that watch at all.
    well, _i_ like it, nobody else does.

    yep, it would have been nice to have had something like k.a.m.
    when i was in school. but that was way before the invention of paper and pencils. and great watches…

  • Ron

    If I win this watch, I’ll never be late for anything ever again,

  • Trey Stewart

    That watch is awesome. It’ll look real good on my wrist.

  • Chris

    Nice looking watch


    Hook me up w/ that Watch!

  • Eric

    Awesome looking watch and an amazing cause!

  • Matt Weber

    Looks like a great cause! Thanks for directing me to this page!!

  • Travis Rath

    Love the industrial Haffstreuner look!

  • Adrian

    This watch would be my hierloom watch if i win this gotta love square watches with black leather oh my

  • Gerrard

    Awesome watch. Will go good with my monocle. Lol

  • Ben

    Great cause!

  • Amon

    if you’re lost you can look and you will find me time after time.
    if you fall I will catch you.I’ll be waiting time after time.

    I need a watch to tell the time first Cyndi Lauper.

  • juel

    “ooo i hope you guys let me win this watch so i can give it to my brother for his birthday” -my brother

  • Erik

    Fantastic cause

  • Vaughan Pederson

    great organization, and so is Watchismo. I buy watches from them. Great people. V

  • Chris Jones

    Did I miss the deadline :-s

    Because I have very square wrists and this watch would be perfect for them. Am prepared to do wrist action shots… Naked wrist action shots!!

  • Chris Spooner

    I wonder if it’s too late to enter?

  • Kyle Mc

    That watch would look great on my wrist!

  • donovan

    who won

  • glen

    Who won?