GIVEAWAY: Haffstreuner Blockade XL Watch

American muscle cars have always been about going in straight lines. They’re boxy, solid, powerful and heavy, and somehow they’re also well designed enough to keep us coming back for more. The Haffstreuner Blockade XL watch is the American muscle car of watches – it’s just engineered by ze Germans and powered by the Swiss. The enormous 46mm square case and full length second hand make it impossible to lose track of the time. The body work is all stainless and the crown is also protected, so you can wear it without fear of destroying it. The trim comes from a black leather strap with contrast stitching. This watch might as well be called “Testosterone.”

GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed

Congrats to Ryan Wiemer!

This watch is normally $200, but you can have the Haffstreuner Blockade XL for free (thanks to Watchismo) if you help us do some good. We talked about the organization Kindness Above Malice this morning, and it would mean a lot to us if you helped get the word out.

1.  Like Kindness Above Malice on Facebook

2.  Then leave a comment below

We’ll pick a winner on 4/8. Good luck!

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  • ryan

    awesome watch, and keep up the great work with ‘Kindness above Malice’!

  • Corbin

    Love it!

  • Steven C

    Great looking watch!

  • Casey

    Great design. Rugged and noticeable. Swiss movement gives it reliability unlike many fashion watches.

  • Roberto

    Great cause.

  • rodger watson

    Cool looking watch, cant wait to see who won. Excellent cause too, wish they had it back when i needed it.

  • Bob Ray

    Great cause!

  • Tim Jacobsen

    Contest closed! Congrats to Ryan Wiemer. We’ll be in touch.

  • Gord Parchewsky

    sweet watch!

  • Spencer

    I really like the name of the watch. Cool.