Goods: Tactical Defense EDC

Hauling ass out of a bad situation will always be the best way to end it. You take your pride and save it for another day. There are times, however, when that just isn’t an option. In those situations, one of the following items might come in handy. Take a little bit of time to learn how to use something like a kubotan before you go flailing it around and it can become a solid last line of defense.

  • Kuba Kickz in Black – $12
  • Nuko G-10 NukoHead – $35
  • Brite Strike EPLI Precision Flashlight – $53
  • Monkey Fist Stainless Key Fob – $25
  • Titanium Bolt Action Pen – $60
  • Titanium Tear Jerker Ring – $250
  • Titanium Skull Pendant Keychain – $42
  • Cold Steel Mini Kubotan $19
  • Brite Strike RID-3 Tactical Balls – $43
  • Self Defense Money Clip – $12


  • GoLocalApps

    Did you look at the reviews of the Cold Steel SD2 Mini Koga Ninja Kubotan Yawara before you posted it? Two 1 star reviews.

  • Mike Petrucci

    Have you seen these Lapel Daggers? Small, can be sewn onto a jacket and the glass/nylon one is completely non-metallic.

  • Mike

    I got my lights from here and it was about $10 less than amazon if anyone cares

  • atb

    No knife but you have boot spikes…?

  • guest

    did you look at the reviews for the flashballs on amazon? all hilarious

  • Dan Haneveer

    4x Knuckles. Knuckles are the new bottle openers.