GIVEAWAY: Zontik Rubik’s Cube

Zontik Games replaces that cheap plastic rubik’s cube you had on your desk as a kid with a stunning solid chrome version with gorgeous leather inlaid sides. Not simply a toy or a forgettable trinket, the Executive Rubik’s Cube holds a permanent and prominent place on your desk, declaring that you’ve already solved the puzzle of how to get to the top.

Retails for $155 at Zontik Games.  Check out Zontik Games for fine backgammon boards, poker sets and other cool games.

CONTEST CLOSED – Congrats Alex Hoffman!

Cool Material and Zontik Games are giving away one of these snazzy Rubik’s Cubes to a loyal fan.

1. Become a fan of Cool Material on Facebook.

2. Leave a comment on our wall under the Rubik’s Cube Giveaway post.

1 winner will be selected on Friday 3/26 and notified on Facebook. (U.S. Residents only)

Good luck!


  • marko

    hi, what’s with the US residents only all the time? would be much more fun to read your blog if whoever reading it had the chance to win something for doing so… shipping prices from the US to europe are about 10-15 bucks for items like these. is that the reason for only including US residents?

  • Jim

    peace and universal healthcare to all!