GIVEAWAY: Vestal Watch by Watchismo [CLOSED]

If you’ve subscribed to Jay-Z’s wisdom of rocking all black everything, here’s your watch. The Vestal ZR3008 Minimalist Chronograph sports a sleek, bare bones style clad in all black. It’s a chronograph that doesn’t get bogged down in messy details like numbers and over-the-top styling.

The guys over at Watchismo – the place to go for an insane selection of awesome time-pieces including a bunch of Vestal numbers – was cool enough to provide us with one ZR3008 ($259) to give to one lucky wrist. Want to add it to your dark attire? Here’s what you have to do:


GIVEAWAY Closed – Congrats Eric

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3. Check out Watchismo to see more awesome watches.

We’ll select one winner at random on 10/2/2012. Good luck!


  • Ripp

    Comment! This would really help with me keep track of when beerthirty hits.

  • Philip Kukla

    Tickle my pickle with this watch.

  • N.J.A.

    Gorgeous watch!!!

  • Jake McCarty

    This watch is, in itself, elegance. The simple yet defined confidence it projects would do more for the owner in it’s strength and versatility than other watches at a similar cost; anywhere from a black tie gala to a night full of stories and the potential of regret in the city you’re sure to own, this could very well change the concept that it’s the man that makes the watch to the opposite statement.

  • Mark Melnichuk


  • Rainier Asprec

    MIB meets Mission watch!

  • Charley

    This would look awesome on me, just sayin’

  • Carter James


  • Nathan

    Cool watch! Definitely want one of these.

  • SyrMike

    Pick me! I’m a lefty!

  • Jon Baldwin

    that’s a sexy watch, be nice to wear it!

  • Wah Kiat

    these watches are sexy like hell.

  • Matt Ritter

    Would LOVE this. It’s beautiful!

  • Alec

    Beautiful watch. Very sleek.

  • Ted


  • Ivi Shehu

    mnml this would be a great birthday gift…………………..Jus saying

  • River

    I’ll take it!

  • Bill James

    Very cool design. Does it come in green? :)

  • Amonchai

    Perfect with my custom suit!

  • Eric

    black mystique!

  • Darrenborrino

    A curator of good things is more valuable than the good things it curates. And coolmaterial is a good curator.

  • Templeton Ferrari

    Sweet watch

  • Josh Batchelor

    Black on black on black!

  • Bryan Hoang

    Whoa. That’s one smokin’ watch!

  • sagirius0274

    All black everything

  • Jesse André

    I want I want I want!!!

  • Vlad

    Gorgeous watch!

  • Elliot Tyler Hough

    If this comment has to be interesting I may be out of luck..

  • Guest

    All black everything!

  • Simon Wheeler

    All black everything…

  • Toms Selga


  • Jonathan Chin

    I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death.

  • Colin Bryson

    mmmm stealthy ninja goodness

  • Kelly Wieczorek

    What a delicious watch!!

  • Hristo Dimitrov

    Wow, looks fantastic! I hope I win this 😀

  • Adrian Moreno

    I love all black watches! Timeless style.

  • Jean-Paul Dumergue

    What a Sexy Piece of Timeless Beauty, If only it would link to my left wrist and guide me through every moment in time.

  • David Patrick

    Once you Go black, you never go back…

  • Pedro Moura

    The place to visit when your are with a lack of inspiration

  • Jc9teen

    The best of black; both sporty and sleek!

  • Tommeh

    Woot Woot, that is a sexy watch

  • Kat

    This watch should be called The Dark Knight, dang… I want it!

  • Clark Riemer

    amazing watch. Would love to win one.

  • Dylan Haddad

    One of the best watches I have ever owned… and lost (stolen). What I wouldn’t do for another!

  • galos11

    yes please

  • Jason Ehmke

    Enter me please!

  • Dave

    Amazing watch. Must have

  • Chris

    Awesome watch!

  • Guest


  • Paul

    this watch is so clean.