GIVEAWAY: Vestal Watch by Watchismo [CLOSED]

If you’ve subscribed to Jay-Z’s wisdom of rocking all black everything, here’s your watch. The Vestal ZR3008 Minimalist Chronograph sports a sleek, bare bones style clad in all black. It’s a chronograph that doesn’t get bogged down in messy details like numbers and over-the-top styling.

The guys over at Watchismo – the place to go for an insane selection of awesome time-pieces including a bunch of Vestal numbers – was cool enough to provide us with one ZR3008 ($259) to give to one lucky wrist. Want to add it to your dark attire? Here’s what you have to do:


GIVEAWAY Closed – Congrats Eric

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2. Leave a comment on this page below.

3. Check out Watchismo to see more awesome watches.

We’ll select one winner at random on 10/2/2012. Good luck!


  • Jaime Cruz

    I want it!

  • Yan Neng

    let me win please it looks LOVELY thanks <3

  • The Dude


  • Sam Ochoa

    Sick watch. Would love to have it.

  • Greg Schanz

    Do Want O_o

  • Cole Witte

    simply amazing! do want.

  • m1lt

    Is it wrong to make love to a watch…

  • Kester Low

    Now wouldn’t it be something to win this! Stealthy is beautiful.

  • Clinton Snead

    gorgeous watch

  • Neil De Pano

    Great looking watch!

  • Ben Kochavy

    these watches are awesome!!

  • Sung Woo Choi

    sweetness ftw!!!

  • KevinF

    Sleek = Elegance, but this watch is above elegance it shouts, “Hey, I want you to wear me and be the envy of all your friends.”

  • Daniel Flores

    black on blavk looks good

  • Dan O’Rourke

    This is the pinnacle of minimalistic slick.

  • Sureowl

    A twist of the wrist will rock the clock. Horology gives me the start, that tick tock is what warms my heart! Awesome timepiece.

  • J.

    I would make this watch look good.

  • Brian

    the glass on my vestal decible just broke, This watch is awesome!

  • Zak

    Wow, beautiful watch, a must have

  • whoisclu

    Come on baby, daddy needs a new watch

  • Steven Zonsius

    So clean!

  • chris

    i wants it

  • Stephen Daddio

    Awesome watch!

  • Tyler

    Amazing looking watch.

  • kurt

    very nice.

  • luigitx77

    what a black watch

  • Cameron Bargamento

    love this watch, less is more, love the simple designs!

  • Keaton Kash Taylor

    Can I wear it while I use my campfire cologne?

  • Donato Settanni

    This watch is awesome…

  • Nick Colacicco

    This watch is awesome! I don’t usually wear watches but when I do it’s something that CoolMaterial gave me.

  • Andrew Markovich

    Awesome watch, it would be sweet to win!

  • Joey Conti

    sweet watch

  • Eric VanBeek

    One cool watch!!

  • Oyster

    A man dark watch on a very pale girl arm would be pretty stylish.

  • RWolfe

    Damn, that’s hot.

  • Mike Schonberger

    I’m not above using this watch to make others feel bad about their watches.

  • Michael Brannon

    Give me this watch, or the sundial hostage gets it.

  • gwakie

    It would pair nicely with an iPhone five.

  • Alex

    pick me!

  • Tom Venanzio

    Awesome watch!

  • Trevor

    Black on Black is the only way to go

  • Damian Darling

    Black. And shiny. And circles.

  • SeanW

    I love the stealthy look. Would look great on my wrist!

  • bjensen16

    Sweet watch! Would love to sport it…

  • Edwardo

    that watch be steezy! me want!

  • Rog

    that is a SEXY watch

  • Keith Lapp

    Watching the time fly by while I am waiting to win this beautiful watch!

  • Scottsawwhattt

    Love this watch

  • Reece F.

    How cool would it be to run into Jay-Z wearing this watch and have him comment on it.

  • Fernando Souza

    Here we are! The site is amazing… them a realize how poor I am.