GIVEAWAY: Vestal Watch by Watchismo [CLOSED]

If you’ve subscribed to Jay-Z’s wisdom of rocking all black everything, here’s your watch. The Vestal ZR3008 Minimalist Chronograph sports a sleek, bare bones style clad in all black. It’s a chronograph that doesn’t get bogged down in messy details like numbers and over-the-top styling.

The guys over at Watchismo – the place to go for an insane selection of awesome time-pieces including a bunch of Vestal numbers – was cool enough to provide us with one ZR3008 ($259) to give to one lucky wrist. Want to add it to your dark attire? Here’s what you have to do:


GIVEAWAY Closed – Congrats Eric

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2. Leave a comment on this page below.

3. Check out Watchismo to see more awesome watches.

We’ll select one winner at random on 10/2/2012. Good luck!


  • Alfie Munson

    I like my watches like i like my coffee, black.

  • Peter Outshoorn

    Bonafide badass!

  • Justin Stone

    Trying to win

  • Colin Prue

    A clock on your wrist? Inconceivable!

  • Ben Moore

    Guess who’s birthday it is on 10/2/12?
    … well not me, but wouldn’t that have been a coincidence if I win?

  • Ryan Velasco

    Thank you

  • Ian Collins

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks guys!

  • ryan

    ryder cup usa!

  • Brian Caulfield

    Yes please!

  • Duncan Doty

    oh please oh please oh please. Me gusta!

  • John

    This watch is awesome.

  • PatricioBustos

    I want one!

  • Laurel Natale

    With Christmas coming, this would be perfect timing!

  • Aleksandr Karev

    All black, everything. Love the design of this watch. Looks great. Want one.

  • Johan Wikström

    It’s mine!

  • needmanlywatch

    great subtle lines and not too overstated watch but still masculine to the hilt

  • David

    UHHHH, my wife would find me much more attractive if I had this. Hope to win

  • joy

    pick me please.

  • Annie Beth Oldford

    Hope I win!

  • Leandro Ezequiel Ekman

    quiero, quiero, quiero, quiero! :-)

  • Adam

    This watch is slick and it would be amazing to win it for my wrist to be happy

  • noahfuling

    Really really pretty.

  • Brandon

    sleek and slate

  • Hammer

    Awesome watch!!!

  • Joe Foxton

    that watch is stunning

  • josua

    yeah that watch is cool

  • Paul Piña

    Love the minimalist style

  • Christopher Jennison

    Would be amazing to win!

  • jy1129

    want one!

  • MLP

    It would be a great win! Just saying . . .

  • soeclectic

    Great watches. I have a really big wrist and I ordered a watch from Watchismo and they sent me three extra links at no charge. Great customer service.

  • Chris Leppert

    This watch is just awesome.

  • Kickback

    This would look awesome with the hubbster’s wedding band. Fork it over!

  • Andrey Indiryakov


  • Carson

    All black everything

  • David

    I dig my Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done note books. Thanks. Maybe a bit overpriced?

  • ashley p

    this is so cool and EXACTLY what my fiance has been searching for to win this would be great since its WAY out of our budget!

  • Josh Rico

    i go to coolmaterial everyday, to p ut every damn thing on my wish list…lol but this watch is sick, i hope i win :) :)

  • mateo

    I would love this watch

  • Jeff Wow

    Sexy watch is sexy.

  • hebdo

    I love this watches! To win!!!!!

  • Sam Ochoa

    Sick watch i would love to have it!

  • Bell Wood

    i just had my watch stolen while working out today in the middle of a set so winning would be cool!

  • gedwar


  • milo mitchum

    nice! :)

  • bb3

    that would look great on my turtles wrist

  • McCulloch Cline

    This watch is entirely black, ergo it’s classy and I want it.

  • Andrew

    I want this!

  • Rob Ribić

    Very,very cool watches!

  • Tristan Kristoffer Guison

    That’s really cool… i like all black everything.