GIVEAWAY: Venerati Ceramic Poker Chips

Here at Cool Material we fully support use of bicycles – so long as they’re the ones with wheels that you ride and not ones you use for the one night a month you have away from the ball and chain drinking beer and gambling with the boys.

Sidepot Gaming understands your needs (good quality, with money left over for beer) which is why they released the Venerati line of poker chips. These chips are the perfect companion for any poker night because they’re ceramic (good for rifling), full color (for when you can’t read the numbers anymore), and nicely textured (because guys like touching things). And each chip is 10 grams you can hold in your hand and never get busted for.

Check out Buy Poker Chips for more details on the Venerati poker chips and other quality poker chips and accessories.

But wait, there’s more…

Contest Closed. Congrats to Michael Adams

Cool Material and are giving away a 500 piece set of Venerati poker chips to a lucky reader. To enter, simply sign-up for the Cool Material newsletter below. We’ll choose a winner on Friday 4/2.

Set includes the following denominations and quantities:
$500 chips – 50
$100 chips – 100
$25 chips – 150
$5 chips – 200

We will never sell, share or spam your email.

Already on the list? Leave a comment below and use your real email address (we’ll need to contact you if you win). We’ll verify that you are on the newsletter list and enter you into the contest.

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  • LMIH

    Gamblor needs chips!

  • Joe

    I want these.

  • Keith

    These look great and would come in handy on poker night.

  • DC Guy

    These chips would be a great way to mark the 20th anniversary of our quarterly poker parties.

  • micah

    Wow – those chips would really class up poker night in my lame apartment!

  • Shayne

    Very Classy!

  • Jeffrey

    Are these chips regular or crinkle cut?

  • monroe

    these chips would throw up baller status at my next tournament

  • The Chip Monk

    If I win these chips I will donate them to charity — perhaps Gamblers Anonymous….

  • Coleman


  • Jonny5

    This would be a great side attraction to the Beer Olympics I’m holding in a month….

  • chance

    nice nice!

  • TC

    Is this for US residents only again?

  • chant

    loving the vintage look of these chips… hope i win.

  • JH

    nice giveaway

  • Larry

    Very cool!

  • Bryan

    them are purdy

  • jay

    these look really nice!!

  • Mary

    Please, I need them.

  • Amit

    Get me some of ’em

  • Steve

    I gotta win these chips bro!!!

    Don’t make me come over there!

  • Austin

    they are pretty.

  • Ryan

    just moved in a new house and need to host a poker night with the boys, hopefully with these chips.

  • Jay

    Already on the listserv, gimme!

  • Thomas S


  • James Pickard

    I want ‘dem chips!

  • Joseph S

    Now these chips help make losing a bit easier to take…

  • Susan C.

    These would be a great Fathers Day gift for my husband! :)

  • Jonathan

    These look freakin awesome!

  • floyd


  • floyd


  • SlickKev

    I need real chips since I am not longer aloud to play Texas Hold’em on line.

  • Awesome Man

    My precious chips!

  • Jerry

    I like ’em, I want ’em, so send ’em to me! Yes, already registered.

  • Seth

    Those chips are pretty rad.

  • Seth

    Those chips are pretty rad. Good luck, me. :)

  • Loggonz


  • jordan

    those are some nice chips

  • Frank Killebrew

    Alright I have never won anything at all so please give them to me . They will be used 2 or 4 times a week . So let everyone else that you gave them to “killer”

  • Tim Jacobsen

    @TC – We’ve removed the US residents only restriction. Make sure you are on the email list to be entered. Good luck!

  • Michael Adams

    These are sweet! Love to use them for poker night!

  • santiago

    if i were to win these, coolmaterial would sure help me get the ladies!