GIVEAWAY: Two Marc Ecko Recon Watches (CLOSED)

Hi, we’re the editors at Cool Material and we have a problem. We have an addiction to timepieces. It’s a safe bet that if we found out the house was on fire, the first thing on our list of things to save would be the watch box with over 50 watches in it. We’re not the types of guys that have one $10k timepiece because we always come close to having a coronary when we think about spending that much on a watch. So we pick up a $200 piece here and a $300 piece there and the rest is history. Marc Ecko has some new watches dubbed The Recon that come packed with multiple faces and a military-inspired design that involved plenty of stainless steel. At $135 each, they’re pretty close to “I would buy this in a heartbeat if I was drunk” territory and is a solid value even at full price. But let’s face it, everything in life is better when it’s free.

Contest closed! Congrats to Andrew (Rayban link) and Chris R.

We have one Marc Ecko The Recon Black Dial and one The Recon Silver Dial watch (MSRP $135 each) that we’d like to send to two different readers for nothing. That’s right, you don’t even have to pay shipping and handling. Here’s how you win:

Leave a comment below or on the Cool Material Facebook page telling us your favorite piece of military-inspired gear you’re going to pair your new watch with if you win. Bonus points if you give us a link to the gear.

We’ll choose two separate winners Friday, 11/4. Good Luck!


  • Scksnheim

    I would wear either of those watches in my issued uniform while (autocorrect) actually serving in the military instead of just wearing gear inspired by it.

  • Ian

    definitely the black face, would go great with my flak jacket this winter.

  • Gary

    Wear one in my flight suit with my sleeves pushed up.

  • Gary

    If I won I’d have to wear it in my flight suit with the sleeves rolled up!

  • Mathieu Laflamme

    I’d wear it with this suit from Leitmotiv :

  • Stubstub

    Would look great with my olive drab paracord belt.

  • Ryan Wiemer

    I would definitely wear it with my military utility jacket and my classic clarks boots. You just can’t go wrong!

  • John Brothers

    The zombie kabars would be my choice.

  • Robert Kollar

    I’d pair that beautiful black dial watch with a pair of classic Wolverine boots (inspired by the boots worn by our troops).

  • Shane

    I hate a pair of New Wayfarers from RayBan, some military pants and a plain gray t-shirt.

  • Ricardo

    Would love to rock one of these while reading Complex magazine.

  • Stewart

    My great grandpa’s army boots.

  • Cristina_maria

    I’d wear the watch with this Glock pistol :)

  • Bryan

    I would rock the watches with this bomber jacket:

    and my ray ban aviators, being that im an AF pilot and all!

  • Ron

    I’ll wear it with my awesome combat boots (and other clothes of course). Though if it helps, I’d even wear it with JUST my combat boots ;).

    Either other these watches would look awesome in the field or even just at a night out at the movies!

  • Robin

    My husband will love this!

  • Spence

    The Recon Black Dial will be paired with one camo based joke regarding its visibility every time I wear it.

  • PJ

    I would be excited to wear it with my Spiewak Chernof Coat. It’s held up (and worn out very nicely) after 4 years in these cold Buffalo winters.

  • Jay B.

    Winning one of these watches would be amazing. It would definitely go great with my new army green jacket and aviator sunglasses!

  • MatthewK

    I would wear it with my “Im a hard ass” mustache, and that’s not just because everything looks better with a mustache.

  • Ashley K

    My boyfriend has a military green jacket that this watch would look incredible with!

  • Eric D.

    Recon Black Dial on the left wrist for time, Survival Straps on the right with military-spec paracord for emergencies (, with an M65 Regiment Jacket to keep me warm out in the elements. (

    Coolmaterial rocks, thanks for all the cool gear tips!

  • Bruce

    Both look awesome and it’d be an honor to win either. For starters with winter coming up i’d pair it with my army green hooded winter coat. this isn’t a normal one either, it’s an og. passed down from my dad to me who got it from his dad. this bad mofo is probably 40-50 years old and still cold as hell!

  • Bryan Goetter

    Most fitting would this watch go with this Patriotic shirt, that best represents America, and what makes this country so great.

  • Usman
  • Jojo E.

    I’d rock that white watch with some classic jordan tres and i better win or imma swing!!

  • MattJ

    The watch looks nice! It would been even nicer going on my wrist

  • MattJ

    The watch looks nice! It would been even nicer going on my wrist with these black pants white tee and this jacket

  • laurie
  • Chris R.

    I’d rock that piece with my jungle bandana, hit the streets and use it as my bombin’ watch. I think kids these days forgot what it used to be like to stand around and get into trouble forgetting about the time. Nowadays we have a constant reminder strapped to our wrist. xD ~Ione(Imk)

  • Adam Sweet

    I would wear them with my standard issue Medkit and boots that I wore during my 20 months in Afghanistan.

  • RossV

    The Black dial olive strap goes great with WTAPS Military Canvas Bag Collection

  • Latonya R
  • Tim Jacobsen

    Contest closed! Congrats to Andrew (Rayban link) and Chris R. We’ll be in touch.