Giveaway: Tsovet SVT-NM85 [Closed]

There are a plenty of daily deal sites out there these days, and a good portion of them offer things we really don’t want. It’s always old stuff that someone is trying to unload on our naive wallets. This is far from the case with Huckberry. The guys over there consistently stock their virtual shelves with stuff we dig. The current Tsovet watch sale they have going on now is no exception (see below for details).

GIVEAWAY Closed – Congrats Patrick C.

Huckberry has been cool enough to give us one Tsovet SVT-NM85 to give away.

How to win this SVT-NM85 ($475 retail, $399 Huckberry):

Step 1. Sign up for the Cool Material email:


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Step 2. Leave a comment below.

We’ll select one winner on 10/31/12. Good luck and don’t forget to check out Huckberry for more awesome deals on sweet gear!

How to redeem your $5 credit:
We’ve been huge fans of the vintage inspired designs of Tsovet for some time now, and Huckberry is offering a bunch of them up at 15% off with free shipping. Plus, just for being a Cool Material reader, Huckberry is giving you a $5 credit towards your next order! Check out Huckberry to get in on that action. The $5 credit is only offered to new sign-ups.


  • egin


  • iamhags

    I wish more people would ask me what time it is.

  • Skippy

    This looks pretty sweet, love to get one.

  • L


  • dooooo


  • Day Jenkins

    Nice all black watch! Looks pretty legit. I wouldn’t mind this gift on my wrist. I’m sure all of these other people wouldn’t mind either but i’m better.

  • Julian Jones

    Real tough watch

  • AMurphy

    Very sleek. And black is always classy.

  • pl

    que bella

  • Alexander

    Lost my old Seiko watch some weeks ago. This could be my new timekeeper :D?

  • SEAN


  • Jin Huynh

    What time is it? Time to win.

  • Eric Hanson


  • MattGergeni

    Sure wish I knew what time it was…

  • Abe

    This watch is fantastic and I’d love to own it!

  • Rog

    bah am I too late? I really want it! Dang…DARKNESS

  • Andy Schuth

    please and thank you!

  • Dan

    I very much need this. I am unable to tell time without it.

  • rex

    “Wake up in the mornin’ and the light is hurt your head, pour a nother cup of coffee, and i stumble out of bed..last night’s frustration put me to shame, you’re the one to talk about it darlin’ and i’m the one to blame”

  • lucas

    Don’t you, forget about me. Don’t, don’t, don’t.

  • CE3W

    Excuse me, what time is it?
    Time for you to get your own damn watch and stop staring at my Tsovet!

  • dave

    I love this watch

  • Ethan

    Sweet Watch!

  • Greg

    I am leaving a comment very last minute. I hope I win. This is the first watch I could see myself wearing in a long time.

  • Mitchell A

    My current watch was $10; this would definitely be an upgrade.

  • Alan Wong

    The phantom dial… me likes.

  • Mason

    This would look great on me

  • Justin Kinnel


  • DaTruth52

    I want this watch soo bad!

  • McLean Webster

    I need a sweet new black watch

  • Rasmus Hvid

    Ok, so i have 1/1500 chance of winning, those arent the best odds :(

  • William Y. Lu

    i guess im too late

  • Kdawgg

    I can’t say I don’t not want to be skipped over for this

  • Vimes77

    Fingers crossed that I get picked for one of these cool watches!

  • Eugene

    am I too late?

  • Gattez

    Hell. If it’s a 1 in 1434 chance. sign me up.

  • PhxSunsFan


  • Darren

    First, is first. Second is nothing. I want that watch… Please!

  • Mofotmoney

    BAMF Watch

  • Ian Crawford

    Seriously who farted?

  • FilteredRiddle


  • Ie-Tehn Kwee

    Beautiful watch… Love it

  • Luisffz

    You give watch now!

  • Enrique Velasquez Jr

    Awesome looking watch

  • Chewbaccaaaaaa

    gimme gimme gimme! your lovinnnnn, ok and that watch too. please?

  • Min

    great watch only better if I get it.

  • irv_ink


  • Andrew T. Kingston

    I would love to win the watch but I probably will not because I already signed up for the e-mail eons ago.

  • kevkel


  • PhxSunsFan

    Sorry man, I already called dibs like 16 hour ago…