Giveaway: Tsovet SVT-NM85 [Closed]

There are a plenty of daily deal sites out there these days, and a good portion of them offer things we really don’t want. It’s always old stuff that someone is trying to unload on our naive wallets. This is far from the case with Huckberry. The guys over there consistently stock their virtual shelves with stuff we dig. The current Tsovet watch sale they have going on now is no exception (see below for details).

GIVEAWAY Closed – Congrats Patrick C.

Huckberry has been cool enough to give us one Tsovet SVT-NM85 to give away.

How to win this SVT-NM85 ($475 retail, $399 Huckberry):

Step 1. Sign up for the Cool Material email:


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Step 2. Leave a comment below.

We’ll select one winner on 10/31/12. Good luck and don’t forget to check out Huckberry for more awesome deals on sweet gear!

How to redeem your $5 credit:
We’ve been huge fans of the vintage inspired designs of Tsovet for some time now, and Huckberry is offering a bunch of them up at 15% off with free shipping. Plus, just for being a Cool Material reader, Huckberry is giving you a $5 credit towards your next order! Check out Huckberry to get in on that action. The $5 credit is only offered to new sign-ups.


  • nela

    We only said goodbye with wordsI died a hundred timesYou go back to herAnd I go back to black

  • Carl

    There’s never enough time to do it right, but there’s always enough time to do it over.

  • Nicholas Danger

    Awesome watch!

  • MG

    Make me cooler by making me the winner. Yeah.

  • jenius

    black to the futule

  • Stef

    It is incredibly cool! The white colour of the date is just the finishing touch!

  • shawns963

    Wow that looks amazing!!

  • Collin

    This is a good comment!

  • Sakura Brooks

    Is this fantastic piece a Russian watch? I’m always russian to get somewhere, and even though I’ll still be late, at least I can have a reason. “Oh, I must have been admiring my wrist for too long…Tsk.”

  • Taylor Letterman

    What a sweet watch!!!

  • Sebastian Arias Staines

    Pretty please?

  • Brano Gajdos


  • Kevin Deveraux


  • Paul Kulish

    Signed up and ready to win!

  • Andrew

    With this I will actually be able to give people the time, rather than the standard “a freckle past a hair”.

  • matthewmccraw


  • Joshua Smith

    Love this thing.

  • Ben Franklin

    Lost time is never found again-Ben Franklin

  • Elijah

    Oh hello there the name is bond, james bond.

  • Michael Malz

    Murdered out watch… pretty appropriate for halloween I’d say.

  • Beau Smith

    Thinking about what to say to make Cool Material choose me to win this watch?…….got nothin!

  • Evil_Wes

    A classic watch for classic watch geeks. Yep. Gimme.

  • Christophe

    This will attract my lady-friend like a fly to scat.

  • Yenni

    Men wear watches. My boyfriend doesn’t have a watch. My boyfriend needs to wear a watch.

  • Joe

    this is my chance to have at least one cool material, so come’on pick me! pick me!

  • Eric Seberg

    Is it my turn now?

  • Chow

    Your stuff is always cool

  • Demasi1515


  • Alex

    If I won this watch I would actually know what time it is. It’s a circle past a triangle.

  • BrenterX


  • Miguel Eduardo Vizcarra

    Can I please Win.

  • Fin

    I really need this watch, cause it would look amazing on my black wrist!

  • Matthew Janzen

    I’m gettin’ a footprint gas pedal installed, so I stole this pile.

  • Andre’ Magdelano

    Need. Bad!

  • Blake Fontaine

    This watch would be perfect for Jay-Z. All black!

  • Jay

    Let’s see if procrastinating works!

  • Danny

    Beautifully designed watch.

  • SurfdudeJD

    Blackout watches rock my face!

  • David Boutet

    I need this watch!!

  • Darin

    Love the black on black on black look.

  • Constantin V Pana

    Nice watch! It would be great to check the time on it!

  • Tut

    clean lines and professional all the way around. Love it.

  • Christopher

    Just gotta love the sleek black design. No flashy, klunky, impractical thing that’s just there to say “Yo, I got stacks o’ cash to da roof”. This thing is actually stylish :)

  • M.A.T.

    We all look at a lot of sources for the time now – DVD Player, TV Screen, Microwave, Desk Phone, Music Player, Computer and Car Dash. What is the purpose of a watch now….
    That’s simple – you wear a watch like this because it looks cool as hell, throws down a damn good first impression and brings a little James Bond to your every day.
    Warning : purchase will require shirtsleeves and suit coats to be altered to make sure it always peeks out just the right amount.

  • jds

    After all the “tricks” of Sandy, this would be a ” treat!”

  • Collwild

    Wicked!!!!!! I haven’t had a watch since I lost my Nixon Rotolog

  • gb

    wouldn’t mind adding this to the game

  • JD


  • Johnny


  • DS

    Love it