GIVEAWAY: TSOVET Watch – Last Chance

Everybody gets a little emotional at one point or another in their life, and here at Cool Material we’re no different. We like you guys, but we don’t know anything about you outside of the fact that you like being in the know about gear, tech, and style. Quite frankly, this whole “friends with benefits” thing we have going on is beginning to feel a little one-sided and we want a real relationship (without the labels).

We decided to take matters into our own hands and created a new profile system that will allow you to carve out your own little niche in the world of Cool Material. Once you create a profile, you can upload an avatar (Sorry James Cameron, 150×150 pixels only) and a bio (like eHarmony without all the ridiculous questions – and we won’t share your information) then start making the place your own.

There’s a lot of cool material around here, and sometimes it gets a little tedious to keep track of everything you’re going to buy on payday. Now you can add items to your favorites by clicking the red thumbs up in the post and then revisit them later – or you can email it, tweet it, or post to Facebook so someone else gets the hint. What kind of party would it be if your friends didn’t come over every once in a while, so your avatar and a link to your profile shows up whenever you comment on a post. Now you can put faces to names.

THE GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed. Congrats Michael! (carbonware)

Unfortunately, we haven’t found a way to send beer through the Internet (or the mail) yet, so we’re going to give away a TSOVET CS130110 watch ($395) to kick off the party. This brushed 316L stainless steel behemoth comes with R-5123 movement comes in classic, monochromatic, conveniently identical to Cool Material black and white and could be yours just for creating a profile.

To Enter:
1.  Register and create a profile
2.  Save some of your favorite stuff to your profile
3.  Come back to this post and leave a comment (it’ll auto-link to your profile page)
4.  Cross fingers

We’ll choose one random profile page on Friday 6/18

Enjoy your stay, don’t get mud on the couch.

Check out the TSOVET website to see their full collection of Men’s watches.


  • elbolillo

    Awesome watch.

  • djjaxxx

    Beautiful watch and great site. Keep up the good work guys.

  • zachsdad1

    I want the watch. It looks great

  • jaustinturner

    It shall be mine…

  • ffinlo

    Come on, bring it on

  • theguy4182


  • dbcalacsan

    The guys are Tsovet are down to earth, classy. Chatted with them at last year’s Capsule show in Vegas and saw their pieces up close. The real deal.

  • seanmacdonald

    i looooove tsovet watches

  • Brewcityallstar

    I WANT That.

  • jasondouglas

    DO WANT!!!

  • kelby.lamb

    If they buy it for you, how you not gonna drink it? If they fry it for you, how you not gonna eat it? If they throw it at you, how you not gonna hold it, touch it, taste it, love it, and fuck with it a moment?

  • adisa108

    Lovely. Glad to be a part of the fold.

  • 1_shot

    Dope watch. Will look even doper on my wrist! Please pick ME!!

  • annalene

    Created my profile, looking forward to interacting with the site more!

  • RyanW

    Made a profile. *crosses fingers* Seems like a lot of other guys have good taste in watches too.

  • jackpozo


  • piratesatellite

    superb watch for now people!

  • payayo

    This watch is great. It would look even better on my wrist though.

  • aust007

    Fingers Crossed!

  • rethsamsey


  • mhogan35

    Pick me! I’ll cross my fingers, even.

  • andis

    TsoVET!!!! XD

  • LukeySM


  • irfan_n

    soo…anyone got it ?

  • ratwip

    i like

  • andis

    yea who won it?

  • Tim Jacobsen

    Contest Closed – Congrats to carbonware ( ).

    Thanks everyone for participating. Stay tuned for more sweet giveaways.