GIVEAWAY: Tower Fit Stand Up Paddle Board

Somewhere between kayaking and surfing exists a whole new pseudo sport known as stand up paddleboarding. While it will certainly end up in the Olympics with bags (cornhole for the purists) by the year 2020, for now it seems like more an aquatic activity. We don’t have a problem with that because the concept is relatively simple: kneel on board, paddle away from shore, pop up to your feet, appear to walk on water. If appearing like a floating Venetian gondola driver is something you think you might enjoy, Tower Paddle Boards is the name to beat in equipment. Take their Tower Fit 9’10” model for instance. This board is specifically built for paddleboarding so it has more floatation, more stability and it’s lighter. The five fin board is easy to carry thanks to the built in handle – which means it won’t be hard for you to get this bad boy to the beach. You may be doing exactly that sooner than you think…

Contest Closed! Congrats to Mike Wageman.

Tower Paddle Boards has given us one $600 Tower Fit 9’10” stand up paddleboard to giveaway to a lucky reader that lives in the continental US. To enter….

1. Like us on Facebook
2. Come up with a water related saying of your own and post it here on Facebook.  Surf’s up! Cowabunga! Tubular! Gnarly! These are just a few of the ones that come to mind for us, but we’re not eligible. Come up with your own, post it here and you could be walking on water with this Tower Fit Stand Up Paddleboard. Not on Facebook? Leave a comment below to be entered.

We’ll pick a winner on 8/18 – good luck.

Check out Tower Paddle Boards to see their full line of stand up paddle boards.


  • CRAusmus

    shaka to the manakisi.

  • Michael


  • Michelle

    Hands up, fins down

  • J.

    is the girl included??

  • Don Thompson

    First in last out…

  • Stefan

    I need that to ride some Mushburgers!

  • Daniel Flores


  • Diego


  • Adam


  • Mike

    SUP for life!

  • ross dansby

    surfs up! pants down!

  • Nick Steele

    gnarbularbunga brah!!

  • D. Rosales

    Totes Mahi-Mahi, Brah!

  • Shane McCarran

    Buenasa Wave Rider!!

  • Steve Mokren

    We be water stepping out.

  • Henry

    Shark a nar-nar!

  • Carter Porter

    Walk on the water!

  • Ron

    into the drink, let’s hope I don’t shrink!

  • juan

    Totally tubular! Hang ten! Drop in and ride the wave. Born to surf.

  • Peter ciambrone


  • Jeremy

    I want the girl too.

  • Hunter20

    stay wet it prevents chafing

  • Louise


  • Kevin


  • Behram

    duuudddee! let’s fly with sharks!!

  • Kelby Lamb


  • MartiniMan

    Gonna Shred the Gnar!

  • Vince

    i don’t know if this counts

    lifeguards come when you go down

  • Not Your Average Joe

    You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!

  • Chester


  • Cody

    Paddle pimpin

  • Toma

    Surfs up, panties down

  • Andrew

    shredacious dude

  • Deyanira Campbell

    So many fish in the water and so much water in the sea!!!

  • Dan


  • Andy Rodriguez

    hang ten bro!

  • Lizzy Mac

    Jonny Tsunami!

  • Andre’

    They’re breaking chest high dude!!

  • Jay


  • Joseph

    oh come on, who wants that surf!
    – we want the hottie –

  • Jason M

    crushin like keanu in point break, brah

  • Mike G

    jump on that baby with a huge rake woodie skeg

  • Chris W


  • Kristopher F

    Would love to ride a gnarly wave on that!

  • Chris J

    Fins to the left, fins to the right

  • Ty Musser

    Discovering adventure in your backyard!

  • Patrick

    Toes in the Water, Ass in the sand.

  • brian e

    SUP wit chu

  • Kendall Moore

    Life is SUPer

  • Miranda

    paddle to paradise.