GIVEAWAY: Tower Fit Stand Up Paddle Board

Somewhere between kayaking and surfing exists a whole new pseudo sport known as stand up paddleboarding. While it will certainly end up in the Olympics with bags (cornhole for the purists) by the year 2020, for now it seems like more an aquatic activity. We don’t have a problem with that because the concept is relatively simple: kneel on board, paddle away from shore, pop up to your feet, appear to walk on water. If appearing like a floating Venetian gondola driver is something you think you might enjoy, Tower Paddle Boards is the name to beat in equipment. Take their Tower Fit 9’10” model for instance. This board is specifically built for paddleboarding so it has more floatation, more stability and it’s lighter. The five fin board is easy to carry thanks to the built in handle – which means it won’t be hard for you to get this bad boy to the beach. You may be doing exactly that sooner than you think…

Contest Closed! Congrats to Mike Wageman.

Tower Paddle Boards has given us one $600 Tower Fit 9’10” stand up paddleboard to giveaway to a lucky reader that lives in the continental US. To enter….

1. Like us on Facebook
2. Come up with a water related saying of your own and post it here on Facebook.  Surf’s up! Cowabunga! Tubular! Gnarly! These are just a few of the ones that come to mind for us, but we’re not eligible. Come up with your own, post it here and you could be walking on water with this Tower Fit Stand Up Paddleboard. Not on Facebook? Leave a comment below to be entered.

We’ll pick a winner on 8/18 – good luck.

Check out Tower Paddle Boards to see their full line of stand up paddle boards.


  • Robert

    Tower Power!

  • Eric

    yo broski them be some GNARLYYY waves mannn. SHOOT THE CURL!

  • DougP

    Power a Tower!

  • Devon


  • Bob

    Meega nala quista!

  • wayne B

    Viva la tabla my freind , lets go sup and catch a ride to my cool materials page

  • Jason P

    How’s the barrel?

  • duda

    logo a gogo

  • Luija

    Surfing with the dolphins man…

  • joseph wolfe

    “UBAV” Urban Beach Assualt Vehicle

  • jay L


  • Ryan Haas

    Hangin 10 aint a sin

  • Daniel H

    Hey Mom gunna be “Playin with Poseidon.” Be back for Dinner.

  • Ray C

    Howz it Kook…You JoJ”just of the Jet” Barney.

  • Willie

    super sonic tsunami shredder

  • jon l

    Totally circling the bowl man!

  • Dawo

    tower of power

  • Patrick

    Getting wet without a board is like drinking light beer… it’s no good

  • Rus

    Endless summer here I come.

  • Corinne Kurzmann

    Vaya con Dios..!

  • Denise


  • Robin Tuten

    The waves call and you paddle out to answer. The sea, sand, and sun were made for your paddleboard.

  • Ri

    H2O: Here’s 2 Ocean!!!!

  • Shane McCarran

    Surfbetty Magnet

  • Dan Z

    go get wet

  • chris1717

    See you in Green Room Laird!

  • Bigboy

    step on, paddle out, wet wet

  • Fredy

    A tope!!!!

  • Jake b

    Charlie don’t surf

  • Billy Williams

    *Hottie not included….. That’s a Paddlin’.

  • Todd boggess

    Sup bitch!

  • Jeff G

    I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat! Paddle On.

  • Mikrich76

    G’Day Cactus, Hel-LO Water!

  • Michael

    That last ride was gnar bars

  • Tim Jacobsen

    Contest closed – Congrats to Mike Wageman! Totally tubular

  • missy sprouse

    my new favorite thing to do….paddleboard. a friend of my just bought 2 tower paddle boards and took me out on the river 3 times last week. amazing!! definitely going to buy one! the price is right, too!