GIVEAWAY: Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Messenger Bag

Last week, we told you about the Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Messenger Bag. The response was, in a word, obscene. Everyone and their brother/friend/photographer girlfriend really wants Timbuk2’s transformable, camera-ready, gear-cradling masterpiece. You tweeted, Facebooked, e-mailed, yelled, burned things in effigy, etc., etc. We heard you and so did Timbuk2. Apparently simply wishing for something can really make it materialize out of nowhere because now we have a $130 gray/red Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Messenger Bag to give away. To you.

GIVEAWAY – Contest Closed. Congrats to Tara

Check out all of the entries

Want it? Take a picture of your gear – or you and your gear – and e-mail it to gear[at] Pictures say a lot, but they don’t tell the whole story. Be sure to tell us a little something about yourself – name, location, favorite Glee character (We hope, for your sake, you don’t do this.), beer choice, etc. Once all the submissions are in, we’ll put them all in a gallery so we can all show off our sweet gear.

Remember, the Snoop isn’t JUST a camera bag, so you don’t need a $5000 camera to enter. It certainly wouldn’t hurt though – if you can manage to get it in the shot.

Since you’re going to be showing us yours, we figured it was only fair if we showed you ours – it’s below. Another man’s trash might be your treasure, but your junk is still your junk so keep it clean. We’ll choose a winner 10/22. Good luck.


  • alan

    awesome bag and love this site!

  • axpi


  • Victor

    I love this bag, i can use a new one.

  • michael

    so excited.

  • meeyeehere aka rachel crisman

    I would love to have this bag!!!YAY! Have a great week

  • Cris Richman

    I don’t want to take pictures.Please just give it to me.

  • Ferdinand A.

    That bag can make me look 10 years younger

  • Jennifer R

    Well, it’s a nice bag, love it

  • Preeti Reddy

    I would love this bag!

  • Corinne Kurzmann

    I so want to get this bag for my fella..he sent me a link to it last week and I just saw this on facebook..I don’t own a camera and have no way to do the picture with out him knowing..alas..

  • Tara M

    STOKAGE! I just entered and took a photo of my cool ‘gear.’ You guys rock! 😀

  • Thomas

    when will winner be announced?

  • weeem

    So who is the lucky winner ?.