LAST CHANCE – GIVEAWAY: Three Ignoble Backpacks (CLOSED)

We’ve come a long way since the days of Jansport and Trapper Keeper, but that doesn’t mean backpacks are any less cool. Ignoble takes the concept of putting a bunch of stuff in a compartment with two straps and attaching it to your back to a whole new level with their line of backpacks. Using plenty of 400D high-density nylon, an absurd attention to detail and black (and only black), Ignoble creates some of the best looking packs on the market today.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED – Congrats Joe R., Thanh N., and Sean M.

All that high quality design, engineering and attention to detail doesn’t usually come cheap. The Ignoble Cora will set you back $165. The Ignoble Lenore is $250. The Ignoble Stilwin comes in at $320. Fortunately for you, today isn’t an ordinary day. We partnered with Ignoble and we have one of each of those three backpacks to give away to separate readers.

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We’ll choose three winners 3/2. Good luck!


  • Corinne Kurzmann

    I am already a subscriber..Love these bags!

  • Brandon Savoie

    Awesome bags, these will definitely withstand the abuse I put my bags threw on moped rides.

  • Francis

    Those are great bags. Can I haz one?

  • Lance Brown

    I’d love one of these! Mine is looking pretty haggard!

  • harold lidin

    Great bags!!

  • Andrew

    I am a newsletter subscriber already…I am also in desperate need of a bag for my end of March ski trip to Utah. Help me Cool Material, you’re my only hope ( I blew all my funds on airfare and mountain tickets)

  • hunter

    already a subscriber but awesome nonetheless

  • Daniel Burgon

    Already a subscriber! PICK ME PLEASE!!!!

  • Aaron

    Pretty sick looking bags there. I would love to get one 😉

  • mike

    black is the new… black. Love it.

  • leonard cannon

    I already subscribe to the newsletter. These are very very nice looking but I would never be able to afford to buy one. However, I “would love” to win one!!

  • TNTS

    Already and email subscriber and don’t have a facebook. Where does that leave me?

  • Drew

    I’m already subscribed – the packs look awesome. You do the math

  • Chad M.

    Hey guys…been looking for a new backpack for my new job. Have a 20 minute walk twice daily and this would make things so much better. Thanks for considering!

  • Christopher Cunningham

    This Backpack rocks, it would hold everything I need to carry all nice and secure. Looks very sturdy and well constructed and you can see some thought went into this design.

  • Jerry tatro

    I’m in need of a good bug out bag for the zombie apocalypse. If I don’t win I may not be able to survive to check my cool material updates. That would just bite!!!

  • Savannah Ziegler

    Already subscribed. …Everything I own has this…girlish sent to it. HELP ME REBEL AGAINST MYSELF.

  • Alessandro

    I’m a fucking poor italian designer, we are in the fucking crysis and I need a fucking cool bag to put inside my things and get the fuck out of here!!

  • Joe

    I’m already subscribed, please add me to the contest!

  • ken

    nice. i sure could use a new pack- mine’s about worn to nothing.

  • Bryan

    I want one!!!

  • Jay

    I’m already subscribed…Help a brother out!!!!

  • Tilmoth

    Subscribed some time ago…need a bag for the stuff I HAVE to have with me at all times.