GIVEAWAY: Thinksound Earbuds

Ke$ha. Black Chocolate. Pink. Silver Cherry. What do they all have in common? They all sound like strippers. What they don’t all have in common is bleeding ear drums. Pink and Ke$ha are two great reasons you probably wish you were deaf. Black Chocolate and Silver Cherry are two new finishes for products from Think Sound and they’ll make you relish the fact you have hearing – each and every time you use them.

Each pair of Think Sound earbuds sports a 9mm or 10mm driver and is outfitted with a wood housing and aluminum baffle. Not only will they match the iWood case you just got for the newest iToy, the wood enhances the sound and gives everything you pump through it a more rich, natural sound. When you couple this with the cotton carrying pouch and 4 sets of different ear fittings (men’s ear canals don’t bend precisely the same way) these earphones are the audio equivalent of 36-24-36.

Up for grabs this week from Cool Material and Think Sound are a pair of Think Sound ts01 in Black Chocolate ($75 a dance) and a pair of Rain in Silver Cherry ($100 a dance) for two separate readers.


To enter – simply leave a comment on the giveaway post on our Facebook page about the first thing you will listen to if you win. We’ll pick a winner 08/20. Good luck.

If you haven’t already – go check out the products at Think Sound and see why Gizmodo said, “For any price, you’re not going to find a set of earphones more attractive, or immediately distinctive.”


  • Eduardo

    i need these…

  • hubmonkey

    sounds good to me!

  • Ferdinand A.

    Great contest! Excellent prize!

  • Carnage

    My ears want these!

  • arrrt

    4me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Nick robles

    these are so rad. I want them!

  • David

    Count me in.

  • Richard Lee

    count me in twice

  • Moheet Merchant

    I don’t have facebooooook! Please count me in as well??
    These are very niiice!

  • JustinE

    I’m in.

  • Chris


  • Chris E

    The wood finish is classy…

  • Michael Reese


  • Cody

    I like

  • Sam


  • patrick byrne

    Love ’em. My Shure SE210’s were never as good as I thought they’d be.

  • Ian

    dave matthews for shure

  • Ken Hawkins

    First thing I’ll listen to if I win these is some kenny G… just kidding more like some Jay-Z or Little Brother

  • ryan

    yay for earbuds

  • Macgirl

    I’d take a go at some Carina Round.

  • Mike

    maybe i’ll show em my “o” face. OOOOH, ooooh yea.

  • Tim Baker

    Beth Orton.. very first thing :)


    i’d like to get an earful of my favorite singer, will champlin with these great earbuds; the best deserves the best!

  • Daniel

    Greta price … i would like to win win win these :-)

    thx & greetz from Italy

  • Patty

    The White Album — first thing out of the box!

  • Bruce

    WOOD IS GOOD! I think plugging these things in i’d have to listen to something smooth and ecclectic.First thing i think of is that first John Legend album, so soulful, just as these earphones seem to be. Or the origional Blackstar album with Mos Def and Talib Kweli.

  • Adrian

    give me some head. phones.

  • m

    Enter me

  • Tim King

    I have a pair of rains & I LOVE them!

  • jon hoisington

    My brother says he loves these things

  • lupe villarreal

    i could really use those

  • jjsanx

    Great earbuds

  • Mr.greenPullover

    My ears would first listen to Jan Hammer’s Crockett’s Theme in the 12″ Version.

  • Brad

    Hope I’m not too late. I’d love these!

  • Jeff York

    Candy and Zephyr
    Miles D. & Joni M.

  • Dan O

    These would be great to listen to Bad Religion and Apocalyptica over the sound of machines at work.

  • Rob

    These are much cooler than the ones that came with my transistor radio.

  • A-dub

    Want’m !!!!!

  • sarah

    Sooo cool! My ears would be so happy and stylish 😀

  • Andrea

    would love to find earbuds that don’t hurt!

  • Pete

    Aaron Fournier and Mike Tunney continue to lead by example. Setting the new standard with ThinkSound.

  • Eric Benjamin

    Just curious to know who won these awesome ear-buds!?