Giveaway: The Pen Of Your Choice [CLOSED]

As you gear up to get cracking back at work, upgrading your tools can give your productivity a nice little boost. If you’re looking for a no-cost way to get started, here you go. We’ve loaded the Cool Material Shop with pens that far better than those cheap disposables you might be used to. They’re writing instruments with personality that will get noticed around the office. If you want to get your hands on one, now you can do so without paying a cent.

1. Doug L. – Raw Aluminum Shaker
2. Robert J. – Messograf Caliper Pen
3. Shelly – Messograf Caliper Pen
4. Chuck S. – Kaweco Aluminum Sport Pen
5. Shane S. – Titanium Bolt Action Pen

Congrats to all the winners!
All winners have been contacted via the email provided – Thanks for entering.


  • eternlgladiator

    Machined bolt action pen titanium or brass. Wow!

  • Karl Wieser


  • Carlos Roman

    The Tactical Pen would be nice!

  • Aaron Bauer

    Titanium Bolt Action!

  • Bill

    Definitely the Messograf Caliper Pen!

  • Longhammer

    The Bolt Action Tactical Pen is pretty great.

  • Aseem Maur

    Dark Blue Mover Pen

  • Jose Gabriel Rodriguez Diaz

    The Titanium Bolt Action Pen, great combination of style and functionality!

  • Nathan Bauer

    Brass Retrakt pen!

  • Jared Martin

    The Machined Bolt Action Pen is to die for!

  • Jimmy James

    Titanium Bolt Action – Too cool for words, ’tis truly might.

  • Lara Elaine

    The Messograf Caliper Pen would be an awesome addition/starting point for any pen collection!

  • Matt

    Aluminum Retrakt Pen looks great

  • Quilting Tangent


  • j reeves

    Bolt Action Tactical Pen – Black

  • rmarcus

    Machined Bolt Action Pen

  • piotrus

    I’d love a Ti Bolt Action Pen please!