GIVEAWAY: Skeletal Metal Jewelry

Most of the time, it takes half a case of beer (three quarters depending on how long your parents forced you to stay in band) to bring out your inner rock star. With enough plastic instruments and liquid encouragement even the most timid person’s inner rock god is awoken from it’s slumber. But once you get to that point you need to look the part. Skeletal Metals can help with that.

The Skeletal Metals Recon Bracelet Brushed and Recon Cross Brushed look hard core enough to stand on their own, but there’s two things you need to know. First, both are made from stainless steel reconstruction plates (the ones used for orthopedic surgery) then brushed until shininess. Now you can wear the same type of plates that were inside of you when you had that unfortunate incident with the business end of that Volvo as jewelry. Second, we’re giving away one of each to two separate readers. You could win a $129 of Recon Bracelet or a $99 of Recon Cross for free thanks to Cool Material and Skeletal Metals.


In light of the composition of these fine pieces of surgical jewelry, we want you to tell us your favorite, most horrendous, hilarious, awkward, or ridiculous injury stories.

Leave a comment below that describes your injury (don’t use the Volvo one, we already did that) and we’ll pick our winners 8/13.


  • Andrew

    I was visiting family in Cape Cod, MASS over the 4th of July weekend when I was about 13 years old. My aunt, who managed a seafood restaurant, asked if I would represent her business in the local parade. I agreed and was dressed up as a bright red lobster for the procession.

    During this, I got one of my oversized felt/cotton stuffed claws stuck on a parade float, lost my footing as it started to move, and I ended up breaking my left wrist when I hit the pavement.

    Everybody thought it was real funny the lobster didn’t need any utensils to crack his claw!

  • Kip

    When I was in second grade, I fell down the stairs in my house and bit my tongue, I bit it so hard that the tip came off. My Mom got me into the emergency room to see the plastic surgeon pretty quickly (she’s a doctor). I remember that the local anesthesia on my tongue was not much fun.
    I spoke pretty goofily for the next two weeks, but I got to eat a lot of ice cream.

  • Mack

    I was at a local venue in high school watching a band play. There was a small pit forming, but one guy in the center that was a little bit ‘off’ had a backpack full of books that he was flailing about like a mace, spinning in circles and letting it hit whoever came within his circumference. It was hitting girls in the breasts, and many others in the face.

    I immediately prepared myself for battle.

    I ran in at him, waiting for the perfect timing (where the backpack was just past where it could hit me) and picked him up around the armpits in a quick, poorly executed dive tackle.

    Unfortunately, the momentum of his books caused us to continue to spin as we were flying horizontally through the air, resulting in me landing on the bottom. My head found a speaker, and the rest is a mystery to me.

    I “passed out” but my body continued to flail, with me running through the audience sloshing blood on everyone and running bloody handprints down almost every table. I woke up with 26 staples in the back of my head.

  • BSUB


  • BSUB

    Last year i dropped a 45lbs weight on the tip of by right ring finger. It popped. Like a grape when you squeeze it. Blood shot everywhere. I immediate started shivering and little red dots covered my body. So i went to the trainer she sterry stripped it together and she said it would be ok and to come back monday for her to see it (it was friday) so sunday comes along and it starts to turn white. i call the hospital and they say come to the ER ASAP. the doc comes in. looks at and and says oh my. she shoots the nerves up with stuff and pulls my nail off and you can see the bone. i shattered it and dislocated my other finger tip. Great time and still cant feel the tip of my ring finger.

  • Greg

    I was at a local music festival. It was an all day event with a bunch of local bands for $15. It was a good time until I got into the pit. We were watching the second band, and I jumped into the pit like I always do. We were all having a great time, and it was all fun and games until some silly little hardcore dancer kid started throwing elbows. One caught me right in the face and blasted a tooth out of my mouth and destroyed my lip. When I opened my eyes everything had turned red like when you get shot in the head playing Halo. I closed and opened them again to realize blood was gushing into and out of my mouth. The band that was playing instantly stopped mid-song and started to pack up as everything stopped. There were no paramedics at the concert festival because it was such a small thing, and event staff was surrounding me as my friends were trying to get to me to help me. I ended up spitting blood into one of the staffers faces on accident because he got to close. Finally my friends got to me and drove me to the hospital. When I got to the nurse she asked me what had happened to me, and all I could think was rock and roll. Local, do it yourself, rock and roll is what happened to me. They put 22 stitches in my lip after sticking a needle in the roof of my mouth to numb it. I never found the tooth that broke and one of my teeth got knocked back into my mouth and had to have a root canal. Luckily there’s a cap on my tooth now so I don’t look like such a freak.

  • Holly Cochran

    When I was in 5th grade, we were passing papers to the next kid in the row of seats to grade. I was the end kid, so I got to go to the other end of the row to pass my paper. I was scooting between the rows of desks to get to the end kid, and caught my left knee cap on the post of a desk. I was going so fast, the momentum ripped the knee cap off the front of my leg, depositing it at the side of my leg. I passed out like a bunch of limp broccoli.

    When I came to, my teacher was carrying me out of the room to the nurse’s office. 1975 school nurse offices were not prepared to handle little kids with knee caps off. I spent ages 11 to 19 having my knee randomly dislocate from things like swimming, getting on and off a bike, walking wrong, standing up, and going down stairs crooked. I got surgery to cut the ligament on the outside of the knee at 19, to stop it from pulling the kneecap off the leg. From 1983 to 2009, I basically limped – a lot, and that left leg was more of a balance element for my right leg.

    Fast forward to 2009 – I finally got the knee replaced, after 35 years of having bad arthritis (go figure!). I now have hardware to match the above in my knee, as well as in the right one as a reward for carrying the left one all these years. I think I should be able to wear a token of all the pain and suffering on the outside, as well, besides the bad-ass scars on my knees.

  • Jordan

    I was probably 12 when I saw Star Wars for the first time, I thought it was the coolest thing. Later that evening I was tearing down the steepest hill in the neighborhood, swerving to dodge blaster bolts when I turned the wheel too sharply… I locked up the front wheel, flew over the handlebars and tore my chin open to the bone.

    Went to the ER, had to wait for 3 hours, got 15 stitches. Then the doctor told me I had to drink some water… he and my father the proceeded to laugh at me as I spilled all over myself… stupid anesthesia.

  • Rick

    When I was a kid, every sunday my whole family would ride horses into the large undeveloped area behind our house. I should mention here that I grew up in Mexico and the terrain is characterized as high sierra with large plains and desert-like conditions, also volcanoes! Anyway, so for some reason I was given this crazy ex-racehorse who was about five times my size and generally pissed off at someone having the audacity to ride him. That day we went pretty far out, maybe 15 miles out, when the horse reared up on me and fell. It rolled over my head and my melon got pretty squashed. My mom and brother hauled ass back to this military base near where we lived and they sent out an EMS crew. They did some emergency surgery and I was stabilized. Well, long story short I had to fly to the states to get some neurosugery. However, there was one issue, the pressure in the plane. Essentially they told us that either I would be fine, or that my head would explode. I got to the States fine and got the surgery I needed and I am ok now, but I treasure that plane ride so much because I was seated next to a group of Mormons and I kept torturing them by telling them the situation and periodically gripping the sides of my head and saying, “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!!!!” One of them almost vomited.

  • Sam

    In 2007 I went to a buddy’s house to fire my gun and clean it. My gun had been in my office for 2 years in 72 degree aircon. I tossed it in the trunk of my car at lunch time and after work I headed to his house. I removed the gun from the trunk and went to unload the expensive ammo to load some target rounds. I went to remove the chambered round, I always hold my hand out to catch the round before it hits the ground. Well the temp change had swollen the bullet and it had gotten stuck in the slide and misfire from the side of the gun right into my waiting hand. I was lucky it had went through my palm and hit my 4 metacarpal right below my knuckle missing anything major. It has shortened my ring finger a bit but I have full use of it.. One bad or good thing ” depends how you look at it” is my ring finger has shorten and a little fatter from surgery I cant wear my wedding ring any more! I found most rings stop my finger from bending. I have wonderful photos of pre and post surgery…

  • Henry Lum

    I don’t really have a horrendous injury story but I do have one in mind that have encroached my mind for years.
    When I was 14 , I sprained my right wrist severely. With no doubt at that time , I thought I thought I couldn’t move again and thought that it broke apart from my hand joint. This may seem like a typical injury but , trust me – it’s not.
    I remember clearly that I was walking home from the school and suddenly – out of no where , someone ran and knocked into my shoulder. When I was knocked , my drink spilled onto an elderly woman’s newspaper. I immediately apologized and continued walking. About ten minute later , I suddenly felt a VERY – I mean very sharp pain in my wrist! I remember saying “WTF?!?!” I didn’t know what happened at the time but I stood there wondering why and how … etc.
    I began crying for some reason. Yeah , imagine me – a 5’9″ boy crying in Central Park. I fell to my knees and picked up my mobile phone. I called 911 for some reason and they came and picked me , brought me to the ER and after that I don’t remember anything that happened.
    When I woke up , I remember having a cast. I asked the one of the nurses , what happened to my wrist and she said that I sprained it or cracked a small portion of the bone. “WTF!??!” was the immediate thought that came to my mind at that time. Then I began pondering back at what happened and remembered that a stranger bumped into my arm really hard.
    I clearly remember that after he bumped into my shoulder , I could still move my right wrist , arm and everything.
    I told the nurse the incident and she just nodded her head.
    Anyways , fast forward 4 weeks when I could move my wrist freely again. During the 4 weeks , I experienced some difficult times but managed throughout. One such as doing my homework. Today , I adapted a habit from the incident – not to spread your arms publicly in an “running infested area.” I later remembered that I got bumped in the shoulder by a runner , sprinting at a fast pace.

  • Chad

    So it was the very beginning of the summer between my junior and senior year of high school. I enjoyed my first weekend of summer and went to work on Monday. After work, I went home, got cleaned up, and headed over to my girlfriends house in my 1991 Nissan Stanza. On the way, I came to an intersection that I had driven through hundreds of times. Came to a stop, saw nothing, so I drove out into the intersection. BOOM!

    As I was pulling out, a Toyota 4Runner (which was speeding) drove through a blind spot (a big dip in the road) and t-boned me. I was pinned inside my car, with my left arm completely torn up, and I could tell something was broken from my hips down. The fire dept came and had to use the jaws of life to get me out of my car. An ambulance took me to the hospital and determined that my injuries were severe enough to transport me to a trauma center. I was life flighted to one of the best hospital systems in the U.S. where it was determined that I had a broken pelvis, broken rib – which lacerated my spleen, and I had a major laceration on my left arm.

    My arm required three layers of stitches requiring over 140 stitches. I had to spend over two months in a wheelchair, non-weight bearing, which meant the only weight I could put on my feet was resting them on the ground.

    I managed through the summer to make a full recovery. I also managed to get an amazing scar which looks like I got bit by a shark…and also looks like a smiley face.

  • MaCayn

    I was playing football during my junior year of high school when I started getting stingers. Essentially, a part of the bone was pinching a nerve. At first they weren’t bad, but during a game, I got one real bad. Couldn’t life my arm, could barely squeeze anything. It was weeks before I could life my arm above parallel to the ground and was still constantly getting them. Apparently I messed up the bones in my neck so one bone is constantly popping out of place and messing with the muscles. Long story shorter: my nerves are jacked from the neck, all the way down my right arm and whenever the bone in my neck acts up, I get what amounts to a charlie horse in the neck.

  • Sh0ema

    Back when I was younger, out at my grandfathers house in Nebraska, there was a hill out back of his house. This hill was very tall and very steep. At the top was a ridge just below the very top of the hill, and we would climb to the top and walk along the ridge. To keep us up we would hang onto roots or plants. One day one of those said roots snapped sending me flipping head over heals down the hill, whizzing past trees. My brother thought I was dead for sure. Some how I made it down without an injury!! I felt invincible. Rushing back to the house to tell/boast to my dad and grandpa what had happened, slipped off a log and broke my ankle…. Leave it to the least expecting thing to injure me.

  • Gene Lehman

    All I can think is it came from a bone…er…yah yah ok, but cool stuff.

  • Jennifer Rutsky

    My dad only had daughters so he tried to make me into a tomboy although it was unnatural. He would make me practice softball with him and I was just no good. When I was about 10 we were on the front lawn and I was trying to practice batting. Somehow, against all laws of physics, I took a swing and the wood baseball bat wrapped around my head and clocked myself right in the right temple/eye. I fell to the ground and in agony and he somehow had missed what happened and was like get up wimp. When I got up the entire side of my face was throbbing. I ended up with the gnarliest black eye ever. My parents kept me out of school for a week because they were scared the school would call child protective services.

  • …tom…

    Early teens, schoolyard football …when kids still did such things.

    Runner into the line. Fumble..!! Ball on the ground, bouncing. Dive, arms outstretched to grab it. Neighborhood girl (why was _she_ playing..?!?) dives on my arm. Broken forearm.

    Five days later put the other hand/arm through the window in a hallway door at school, while goofing around of course.

    Blood everywhere, including asst. principal’s suit on the way to ER. Probably only suit the poor bastard had. Never did apologize to him. Sorry Mr. Nizzi..!!

    Broken arm in cast, twenty-some stitches in other arm. I think my mom took care of my …uhh, ‘sanitation’ needs for the next week or two.


  • modi123

    Senior year of high school.. after a vicious thaw/sleet/freeze cycle buddies and I decide to go sledding. On a gnarly hill I head down first. After almost hitting a tree I bailed on the sled, hit the ice run, and heard a “pop”. After I stopped sliding I laid there and yelled “I think I broke my right arm!”. I get crap from my buddies, and when they hit the bottom of the hill one kicks my arm a few times to show “it’s not broken”. I couldn’t move my arm and when I flex it away from my body the middle bunched up muscles the size of a grapefruit. My friends demanded I sit in the car while they sled some more. Went home, got my car, called my folks, and drove off to Emericare. The xrays showed my arm as an upside down ‘y’.. yeah complete broken through.

    Needless to say I an old school traction cast on (plaster!), showered with a plastic bag for three months, had to sleep up right in a recliner the whole time, and wore tshirts that were sliced up the right side and held together with velcro.

    I was the height of fashion and awesomeness that year.

  • andis

    HAHAHA its so funny to see a lot of people waste time writing their story, when in fact they won’t get anything. This website doesn’t give anything!

  • Eduardo

    Id say falling off the back of a moving truck and breaking my arm in front of my whole 6th grade class pretty much nailed it for a hall of shame runner up. declare me a winner…

  • santiago

    when i was in 6th grade, i broke my arm skateboarding on the half pipe my parents built for me. 6 months after it healed i broke my arm skateboarding again. this time they pit a metal plate in it. eight months after that i was jumping on a trampoline and i tried a sideflip and landed wrong and broke the other arm, the doctors didnt wanna risk m breaking it again so they went ahead and put a plate in it.

  • John

    I wrestled most of my life, but Coach Dick made all my other coaches seem sane in comparison.  Coach Dick looked like a beer bellied Paul Bunion in gym shorts and Asics.  When he was in high school he won state in the 215 weight class, but as a grown man he had definitely slipped into the heavyweight class.   He was a great coach: talented, dedicated, and inspirational…when he was sober.  Unfortunately, you never knew which Coach would walk into the gym for practice.  When he was late, our captain would send a spy (freshman) up on a recon mission to the parking lot to see if Coach Dick’s rusted old Buick was already in the parking lot with him partaking in the most depressing tailgate ever imagined.  You never knew for sure until he strolled in chewing something insane like 5 pieces of gum.  Bingo!

    On one particularly epic pre-practice indulgence, Coach Dick came into the gym and screamed, “Alright, Mary’s, you think you’re all tough now cause you won last week, but let’s see how you do against a state CHAMPiooooon!”  Practice was pretty much over before it started that day.  We circled up, watched, and waited as coach proceeded to wrestle every single one of us from the 92s to the heavyweights.  Every.  Single.  One.  I think he went easy on the lower classes, but he still pinned them.   My teammates and I traded fearful glances as our own weight classes loomed.

    215s: It was finally my turn against this gum chewing, agitated, black bear.  As we locked arms and heads on initial contact, I remember thinking that I had never been hit that hard on the back of my head before.  Before I could think, “I have to try that next meet!” Coach Dick swooped to my right hip and locked his arms around my left hip and pushed.  I fell backwards onto the mat.  My ankle didn’t:  broken, end of season.  Thanks, Coach Dick!

  • Chris E

    As a teenager pick up football was an Autumn saturday norm. Midway through the game I was tackled from behind and landed on my elbow, following the tackle my elbow swelled up and I lost full range of motion. After a few weeks of continued play, that was far below my standards, I knew I had to get my elbow checked out, only to find I had cracked the far part of my ulna in my elbow region. A few months of failed recovery and physical therapy led me to surgery where they put two 4 inch pins and wires throughout in order to heal the bone. Following a year of physical therapy and recovery I had the hardware removed. The surgeries left me with a badass scar and some cool looking pins, although neither look as good as that bracelet and cross.

  • Michele P.

    Well, one night in 1998 I was out drinking with the girls. I’d gotten into an argument with hubby and was amazed to see him walk in the same bar with his cousin and start talking to one of my worst enemies-who was flirting with him just to piss me off. I started power drinking Sex on the Beach and I was ranting and raving and hit the table to prove a point. Hard. Next thing I knew, I was in intense pain. Hubby had already left (he was just my boyfriend back then) with his cousin and I was not pleased that he’d chosen to ignore me while he was there. One of my friends drove me home, where I went to sober up since my arm was in major pain. The next day, a woman who visited every Saturday came over and checked out my arm. I was pretty hung over, but when she said it was broken I ended up going to the hospital to check it out a few hours later. Sure enough, emergency surgery the next day, pins and some metal to hold the fracture together. I now have a 6 inch scar on my forearm and had to have another surgery in April 2000 to take the plate and hardware out as it was causing a major irritation. (not to mention setting off metal detectors lol) The doc gave me my hardware as a souvenir, and also to remind me, as he said, “Not to do anything that stupid every again.” lol. Hubby and I can laugh about it now, but back then, it was no laughing matter. I think this jewelry is pretty darn cool!

  • Michelle Allison Nguyen

    I was a really smart student back in the day, and got a full ride scholarship to some state-run Math and Science nerd camp. I did not get to be in the future doctor program. They put me in the future save the world program. Environmental issues are real big today, but five years ago, they just put me to sleep. It did not help the professor was super old and the most boring mofo to listen to. 6 straight hours listening to him and his wife was pretty goddamn awful. I went on the weekend fieldtrip to Squaw Valley, hiked up the mountain, and went a quarter way down the mountain by foot. I slipped on the only snowy part and only stopped because I fractured my skull against a rock. Thank God the UC system covered my health bill! I am now Bezerkeley at UC Berkeley. Ain’t no damn brain injury going to prevent me from getting my school on.

  • Michelle Allison Nguyen

    I would like to add that I tumbled fifteen feet along the gravel of the moutain, all while several students and instructors watched me go down the mountain. Luckily, I woke up in Children’s Ward and could not remember that tumble. However, all of the program members did, and apparently when I woke up after day 3 of being in the ICU, my two oldest sisters asked me, “How do you spell world?” I said, “G-L-O-B-E”. My middle sister proceeded to run shrieking out of the hospital room, screaming, “OH MY GOD, MY BABY SISTER IS A FUCKING RETARD.”

  • avilla35

    When I was in the 3rd grade I was at home playing with some friends. We decided to take our bikes out for a ride and wound up at an abandoned trailer home about a mile or so away from my house. The abandoned lot on which this particular trailer sat was frequently used by some of the older kids as a sex/drugs/paint-ball spot (seeing how it was abandoned and the trailer left open). Well on the particular day in question my friends and I decided that since we didn’t actually own any paint-ball equipment, or have any substantial knowledge of sex OR drugs, we’d pretend play cops and robbers (something we saw played out in real life quite often in our neighborhood). As the action was intensifying I was the sole “robber” remaining with 3 cops after me. I decided that this would be the best time for a “heroic” (a.k.a. ‘stupid’) escape. I decided to jump off the front patio (all 3 feet) and landed on some pretty uneven ground. I heard a crunch and felt a sharp pain in the lower part of my legs. I hit the ground, landed in a patch of weeds and struck the girliest scream I had in me. I had broken my right foot and sprained my left ankle. I must have passed out for few seconds because the next thing I remembered seeing were my friends high-tailing it out of there. I was scared, humiliated, and alone. After about 10 minutes on the ground I decided to try to get myself to my bike and somehow use it as a crutch. I managed to crawl my way over to it and prop it up by the stairs that led onto the trailer’s patio area. I sat myself one step above where the bike was and slid over to the left side of the steps where I was holding up my bike by the left handle bar. I manged to sit myself on the seat and push/whimper my way home relying mostly on my left foot and somewhat on gravity and momentum. When I finally got home instead of being taken to the hospital, like any normal family would have done, I was berated and belittled for a good long while. I should have just peddled my ass over to the hospital from the get-go…..I would have gotten there sooner. Anyhow, eventually I was taken and got patched up. But the emotional scars have never really healed. Yay for family! 😀

  • jason k

    Well first off let me say, i have 7 pieces of plate, 4 rods and who knows how many screws. i recently broke my right leg for the third time. i got t-boned by a car while riding my motorcycle. my leg got caught between the bike and the car, crushed my knee, fractured my femur, plateau break of the tibia and a clean break of the fibula. i had to have old metal removed, lol. Now i have what i like to call chronic fat leg (lymphedema). I’m a big fan of skeletal metal tho, wish me luck or…..break a leg? lol

  • Coleman


  • Zac N

    Last month, I threw my best friend since 4th grade’s bachelor party. It involved swimming, shooting fireworks, and going to the bars. After the fireworks I had a splitting headache and decided to take four Excedrin. Then drink heavily. Suffice it to say, I woke up in the morning with an aching hand and no recollection of the previous night. Apparently, another friend we were with went to a girl’s apartment, put her phone in the freezer, a bottle of Chardonnay in the dryer, and took a picture of his privets using her camera. Meanwhile I got pissed at a pillar and broke my hand punching it. Best bachelor party ever.

  • john koncewicz

    i have had many accidents in my 44 years. one i was really drunk & stupid me desided to clime up a messed up moutain side to dive into the lake. the first time i did it great well then a few more drinks & i tried it again. the mountain didnt have anywere you could get a good grip to clime with. but i tried to make my way up there & when i got close to the top of it i fell. after bouncing off alot of big rocks i got cought between a couple big rocks with a very tight space between them .i couldnt get out. it took several people to try & get to were i was & get me out. by the time they did my hole left side was all cut up plus busted up. also i got a big & deep cut above my left eye. i was told i was lucky to be alive also it was amazing that i could still see out of my left eye. it took several weeks to heal.& also it took about a week befor i could even get out of bed. that was just one of many accidents i have been in. i have been really lucky. alot of people have said that they could not believe i was alive after just a few of them. if you want me to write about more just let me know. well you have a great day. & be thankfull for everyday that you are alive. i am

  • Xboxbydegrees

    I ran over both of my big toes with a fully loaded pallet jack.

  • Cale Woodward

    When I was 9, me and my friend had a brilliant idea to ride a pumpjack. It’s one of those rocking horse looking things you see in Oklahoma that pump oil out of the ground. The ride was fun, but I lost points on the dismount. My right foot got caught in some moving parts, and I lost half of it. My friend ran for help, as we were over a mile away from any house. Meanwhile, I walked 300 yards to a pond where I stuck my foot in the mud to stop the bleeding. I eventually made it to a hospital where after several days, several surgeries, and a skin graft from my thigh, I was able to return home for extensive physical therapy. Last summer, I had to have an additional surgery to grind down a bone that was growing against the thin replacement skin on my foot. I’m 19 now, and basically I need this awesome jewelry to draw the attention away from my uneven feet.

  • Brian

    When I was 14, running late for a baseball game, I ran up the stairs to get my socks. While running up the stairs I accidently kicked one of the stairs. This popped the tendon that lifts my big toe up, off the bone leaving my big toe dangling in the wind. I was embarrassed, so I didn’t tell my parents, and played the baseball game. It throbbed all day. I finally went to the doctor, where they had to rush me into surgery to reattach the tendon. I had a wire run through my toe, top to bottom, and a 4″ stainless steel pin put through my toe from the tip back into my foot. Needless to say, it was a pretty stupid injury.

  • Brian

    OH, and I also snapped my collarbone in two playing “smear the queer”. (I was the queer)

  • Kevin Cox

    Riding my bike home from high school. I was on the right side of the road, but had to cross over to the wide spot on the left. Just then, a car police estimated was travelling at approximately 50 MPH, hit me broadside. I can still hear their sister in the back seat scream. Got out with a few scars, but no broken bones, and a new bike. Whew!

  • Ted Garcia

    I broke my arm 3 times in two years (3rd and 4th Grade). The last time I broke my left elbow and I had to be in physical therapy for 6 months. One of the times I broke my wrist playing soccer with a girl. The girls on the emergency room knew me by name by the second time.

  • monroe

    15th birthday party, had it at a sports complex, so i think im mister bigshot because its my birthday and hop over into the FAST cage (90-95MPH balls). Get a few swings in there and just missing hard so i step toward the plate by maybe an inch and swing as hard as i can. The i see the ball fly get excited for a millisecond then realize the bat flying as well and i cant feel my wrist anymore. And then the throb started to commence. Shattered every bone in my wrist as well as chipped the lower ends of my carpals. My wrist blew up like hot air balloon. Instead of anyone calling an ambulance the manager was more worried about me and my family suing them so they get me ice and sit my parents down explaining how they’re not responsible. Meanwhile i said fuck it im not going to miss out on my birthday party because of a broken wrist. Got that bitch wrapped & taped and was on my merry way to enjoying the party. I had to have my friends open my presents for me with a little help from my one free hand. Ended up having to get 3 pins and a small plate installed. The wrist still isnt right to this day.

  • Brett

    When I was probably ten I needed to get several stitches in the back of my noggin. When it comes up in conversation I simply say I fell off a water-ski jump. It sounds cool and dangerous. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly the entire story. What really happened is that the fell off the back of the ski jump while sliding down the jump. I’d actually made the slide several times before but this was the first attempt at trying a cool cross-legged spin on the way down. I went down alright…fast. I tipped over backwards, hit my head on…sheesh…I don’t know what…probably the base of the jump. The next thing I remember is my Dad pulling me out of the water and into the boat. A trip to the ER wasn’t exactly the way my family wanted to spend their lake cottage rental vacation.

  • Jeroen

    about 2 years ago, i was a carpenter, and i was working on a rooftop, without any safety or stuff, so we raced over the top of the roof, and than all of the suden while we had a little pause, i said: man i got a bad feeling about this day, i dont know what it is… my buddy just told me: just relax, take it easy and dont make any stupid moves. so we worked on for the rest of the day without any injurie’s or anything. end of the day, i was packing up and puting stuff in the van, when i jumped out of the van, i didnt look where i was going, and i jumped right on a role of plastic, i heard a loud crack and down i went, my buddy came running and asked me if i were ok? and i said: WHAT DO YOU THINK! with tears in my eyes, after about 10 min of laying on the ground i was brought to the hospital, no not by my buddy, but by the client we were working xD idiots. 3 weeks later, i went on an horrible holliday….

  • John

    On my motorcycle going 40 on a straight, flat road.
    As I pass a privacy fence between to homes I catch a glimpse of a whitetail deer heading my way.
    Instead of running straight and passing behind me the deer veers in front of me.
    I brake and try to avoid a collision, going down while avoiding a concrete culvert.
    My jacket and helment are destroyed but I walk away with scraped knees and bruises.

  • Tyson Barner

    2 1/2 months ago me n some friends went to Bethlehem to ride some bmx n about 5min into the session I went down breaking my tibia n fibula in my right leg. I set it back as best as possible splinted it up n spent 4 days in the hospital. they put a rod inside my tibia n made me walk on it 2 days after surgery so I could go home. I’m still in recovery but will b riding shortly

  • Austin Miller

    The day school got out of my JR. year we just got done riding dirtbikes on my friends track and decided to try a teeter-totter on a mountain bike made up of a log and a chunk of cheese grader stair (The kind of stairs found at most ski resorts)…. Needless to say after watching many failed attempts I get on and give it a whirl… The first time I try I almost had it just needed a little more speed and I would roll right over it.. The second attempt wasnt so smooth.. The bike tire kicked up the chunk of stair and launched it right into my leg slicing it wide open. Laying on the ground holding my leg together telling my friends I need to go to the hospital I finally show them and they all run inside to get my friends parents.. I see my friends parents running towards me a few minutes later with DUCK-TAPE in hand… After they saw my leg sliced open they just said to take me to the hospital… Needless to say the car ride there im taking pictures of the gash in my leg and theyre all about to puke… We ran every red light down mainstreet.. When we finally got to the hospital I got yelled at for riding wheelies in the wheelchair by a nurse until I opened up my torn pants and showed her my leg and the only thing she could muster up was “I’ll go get the doctor” About an hour later I come out of the ER with 14 fresh stiches and some really pissed off parents!

  • Kim

    I’m an x-ray tech so I’ve seen TONS of awesome injuries, even helping reduce gnarly bone crunching fractures but didn’t have any of my own until last fall when visiting my sister in Key West, FL. A combination of flip flops, beer & rain caused me to slip and scrape my toe. I figured it was just a sprain, no biggie. Come home and get an x-ray and find out it’s a mallet toe fracture. Very difficult to heal if not treated from the beginning. So I have a chunk of bone that’s detached from my regular bone on my toe. I can now relate to my patients!!!

  • Ferdinand A.

    I got my injury here in the Philippines. I hope this contest entertains stories about broken bones and torn flesh from this side of the earth. I was 13 years old (lucky number isn’t it? And incidentally I am writing this story of mine on a Friday the 13th) back then. It was our school’s sports fest. I was sickly and skinny so my participation during the event was purely morale boosting for my classmates. A volleyball game was being played that Friday afternoon (can’t remember if it was also the 13th). Together with fellow “cheerleaders”, we climbed on an iron grill fence to have a better view of the game and to make our cheering heard better. We all stand there while holding to a branch of a nearby tree. The game was intense so we cheered wildly complete with jumping and stomping. As expected, the poor branch snapped. The left side of my bum with the entire weight of my body fell straight to one of the iron grills. I was sitting there like a kebab for some 5 minutes before my terrified classmates were able to “unscrew” my ass from the grill and rushed me to the hospital. My team lost that day (they still continued the game after a couple of hours after the accident) but I guess we unofficially won the best cheering squad award because of my misfortune. I was able to return to school after 2 weeks (or was it 13 days?) in the hospital. By the way, the rest of my classmates who were with me on the fence were all unscathed.

  • Cindy-Lou

    When I was seven years old I went out to ride my bike. I decided to go down this huge hill and as I was going down the hill there was a man hole cover. The man hole cover acted as a ramp and before I knew it I was high off the ground. I landed at the bottom of the hill and land in a parking lot in between two cars with my bike landing ontop of me. I had cuts and scratches everywere,bleeding everywere my friend helped me get back home.

  • Jason

    When I was 6 or 7, my brother and I were hitting some golf balls in the back yard. Without knowing it, my brother moved closer to me. He took a swing with a driver and hit me square in the teeth. He hit me so hard that my teeth were pushed back into my gums, and had to be surgically removed.

  • Christina

    I went surfing in February for the first time since five years. The guide checked our skills the first day and then decided we could go to the “locals only” beach… but we had to park the bus about 2miles off the location so the locals don’t cut the tires.
    Anyways, we go surfing, I catch a wave and it’s beautiful until a local comes after me and crosses right into my ride. I got washed and somehow managed to get to the beach without drowning. My stomach hurt a bit but I thought it was side stitches.

    The same evening I had trouble walking stairs but I decided it’s just normal muscle ache and being the only girl in the group i didn’t want to whine.

    Over the next days my muscle ache/side stitches got worse and worse, pushing up on the board was a real pain and I was secretly swearing at myself for not going often enough to the gym at home to build up more muscles and better cardio. Being convinced it was muscle ache it sure would go away the more active I’d be and who whines about muscle ache anyways. I reminded myself that I only get few chances to go surfing so I better use the time I have.

    The last evening of my vacation as I get changed from my wetsuit, one of the guys laughs at me that the wetsuit’s color seems to rub off onto my back. Trying to wash it away I realize that the black and purple stream on the ribcage is actually not dye from the inner lining of the suit, but a pretty awesome bruise.
    Went to the doctor back at home and it turns out I had been surfing with two broken ribs for an entire week… and then I finally allowed myself to cry in pain.
    FML 😉

  • Tim Jacobsen

    Contest Closed!
    Gotta say – it was painful just reading these stories. Our pick is Ferdinand from the Philippines….

    “As expected, the poor branch snapped. The left side of my bum with the entire weight of my body fell straight to one of the iron grills. I was sitting there like a kebab for some 5 minutes before my terrified classmates were able to “unscrew” my ass from the grill and rushed me to the hospital.”

    My ass left my seat as I read this. Congrats? We’ll be in touch.

  • Ferdinand A.

    Replied to your email sir. Again, thanks and more power!!!!